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I want to start a YouTube channel   Golf talk

Started Sep-21 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 766 views.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I m sick and damn tired of all British golf club reviewers.  I am also sick and tired of reviews by guys playing X flex everything and also shilling for brands.  I have very little in common with a guy hitting an 18* hybrid 270 yards or a 7 iron 180 yards.

Here would be my ideas.  Introduce myself, my golf background, my current skill level and talk about why I am doing this.  Explain my abilities and my limitations to the game and then I would then just review clubs, balls, etc. that catch my interest and that I purchase with my own money amd tell people what I like or dislike.

The haters can and will hate, but I think this could be fun.


What would be a good testing protocol on the range as well as an on course test?




Video version of typical club-test with a team of GEAers as testers.   Present it as "Old Fart Golfer Reviews" or "Average Golfer Tests".   

Most important - you need relevant content.  Answer the question that OFG's want to know - and provide it simply, repeatably, and reliably - and the payoff is a "subscriber".

Amass about 100 subscribers (we have enough GEAers to do that) then seek sponsorship from OEMS for equipment.

Bottom line - you can become easy marketing for the OEMs.   If you are in it for money - "likes" and subscribers and views pay directly and indirectly.

For the love of pete - keep the videos to 5 mins or less.   There is a shitload of editing.    Estimate (just guessing) about 3X filming to actual video.   It will get better as you go along.    

What you'll need:  a catchy title; a good presenter-personality; a nose for relevant equipment; and timeliness to test the equipment or put new ideas into play.   More importantly you need to focus on cameras and angles and audio equipment.  

Set a video format so it has a relatively same look and feel.

Set some testing criteria that is validated by launch monitors.

The challenge will be timeliness; availability of equipment; and timeliness - b/c none of us who have the time - are reliable.   No - we are not.  We spend too much time online anyways.   LOL

If you can demonstrate a subscriber rate (number of subscribers) market that eventually to the OEM's and they can start sending you equipment to try.

The other thing you'll need is GEAer who are willing to buy the equipment for the first couple of videos - as you don't have sponsors yet.


Just a guess - have others add their own perspectives.


Feature Hot Korean Chicks hitting balls next to you and comment on their waggle.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I have thought of that.  I may have to substitute thicc latinas...as we don't have a lot of hot Korean chick's here...and have plenty of thick latinas


From: RTee2




You're joining a crowded space, so you need something unique and entertaining to retain viewers. I would extend the content beyond equipment reviews, as that can get old quickly. A friend of mine does course review videos. The production values are good compared to most, and he is a good presenter, but there is nothing really compelling - apart from him being my friend - to make me want to watch every one.


I regularly watch TXG because they really know their stuff, are high level golfers, and are starting to mix up their content. To be honest, their mid-cap fittings have the least appeal to me, even though I am a crap golfer.

I enjoy Erik Anders Lang's videos because he mixes up the content, and includes equipment stuff with course reviews and other miscellaneous stuff. He also has access to TM and their pros, which helps. I realize he's not an equipment reviewer, though.

Like you, I am tired of the Brit golf reviewers and rarely watch them anymore. Alex Etches is a high level player and amusing and quirky, so I occasionally watch some of his videos, although most are a bit long.

For either range sessions or on the course, I think you definitely need either a TrackMan or a GC2/Quad and shot tracer to capture ballflight and ball/club data. Maybe bring along some Tannerite that can be set off if you hit a target. :)

As Robb said, keep the videos relatively short. Avoid long introductions and get to the point quickly.

A couple of years ago I was at the Kia Classic with my brother and a friend. I was recovering from foot surgery so I camped out at the 1st tee and 18th green stands and the clubhouse bar and grill. $20 for a regular ticket and $40 for clubhouse access so no brainer. The stands on the 1st tee looked down on the backsides of the lady pros teeing off. So I have become somewhat of an expert on lady golfer waggles. I was most impressed with the wide-stance waggle of Michelle Wie. She could turn Senator Craig straight.

I would be more than happy to provide some expert guest commentary for your YouTube channel. Can I wear a MAGA hat?

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I am.totally down for misogyny and degradation...and yes...MAGA hat is permissible... you can wear a Biden hat...i will be an equal opportunity offender. I am thinking of wearing a lucadore mask to hide my true identity.

Review #1.  The callaway chrome soft is  SHIT!


From: Stoneded


You could show how well the club performs as the golfer progresses through various levels of inebriation.  This factor is seldom addressed and would be relevant to a lot of guys, especially the many "outing" golfers out there.  Call it an "SLR." Swing Lube Rating.  After all, who needs clubs that ain't worth a shit after 6 or 8 beers? 

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HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


OMG...that would be HILARIOUS!!!! Have the 'cold testing' and then have the 6 beer test.

Adding that to the list.


From: Stoneded


Golf, hot babes and alcohol.  I think you've already all the bases covered.