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The Bail Project   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Sep-25 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 282 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Yesterday video footage of a U-Haul truck filled with signs and gear for rioters in Louisville attracted significant attention online. In fact, one of the Twitter accounts that reported on this initially had its account temporarily suspended. Several Twitter feeds captured scenes of apparent Black Lives Matter personnel unloading the truck with the assistance of a blond-haired white woman inside the bed of the vehicle. Follow-up investigation showed that the woman in question was almost certainly Holly Zoller who admitted to having rented the vehicle during a recorded phone conversation.

Zoller is a local Louisville representative for an organization called the Bail Project, which raises money to bail out individuals arrested for criminal offenses.  The organization operates nationwide. The fact that this organization is raising money on the representation that the funds will be used to bail out the indigent and that at least some of that money is apparently being used to equip rioters is of significant interest. It suggests that the organizations funding bail for rioters like the Bail Project are in effect functioning as a support apparatus for an ongoing Marxist insurrection.

The Bail Project, the organization that apparently just assisted in arming rioters in Louisville in preparation for a disturbance in which two police officers were shot, is not some storefront operation getting by with unpaid volunteers and donations from local charities. The Bail Project, like so many of the organizations tearing the heart out of this great country, is a nationwide, well-endowed organization backed by many of our richest and most powerful.


Everyone should read The Revolt of the Elites.  It’s the wealthiest and most privileged who hate this country the most.

flatstik (gregf82)

From: flatstik (gregf82)


Sounds like a criminal conspiracy to me. 


From: Charlie6D


Handing out protest signs is one thing, but handing out bricks, ball bats, shields, lighters, and the like which could easily be used for rioting, battle, arson, and the destruction of property seems to me to be a criminal activity in the same way as providing a firearm or getaway car to a bank robber.  That should make the provider an "accessory to the crime".   If done through an organization, that could make them subject to the RICO act (I think).  I'm not a lawyer.  Greg, what do you think?



From: SwingBetter


They are Domestic Terrorists.  
A more strict bail law is needed.  

flatstik (gregf82)

From: flatstik (gregf82)


I think you're spot on.  We just need a DOJ with the balls to go after these fuckers.