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Trump's taxes   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Sep-28 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 695 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Some morons think this is some sort of bombshell (narrator: it's gaslighting), but here's a summary.

Trump Paid Millions in Taxes, Owes No Debt to Russia


The real scandal here — aside from how awful and corrupt our tax laws are — is that someone in the federal government, presumably in the IRS, broke the law by leaking confidential tax returns.

I would remind you that while president, Barack Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative Tea Party groups.

You should also remember that this isn’t the first time the New York Times has run a tax-related hit-piece on Trump in the weeks before a presidential election.


Burat (DocFreddie)

From: Burat (DocFreddie)


What's worrisome is that people and entities like the NYT face no blowback from engaging in this sort of activity - it is now accepted as a proper thing to do by at least half the populace.


From: Charlie6D


Yep.  Sounds like the $750 was simply the final "settle-up" amount that was paid by Trump after having paid $1 Million and $4.2 Million in estimated taxes.  But don't expect the Lamestream Media to report it correctly.



From: SwingBetter


The Dem's strategy is lying while relying on Dem voters to only watch the Dem biased news like CNN. 
The Biden TV ads are mostly lies.   Opinions like Trump's actions on CV are one thing, but to say he will end 
Social Security by 2023 is an outright lie.   
I don't think Trump's taxes are interesting to most.  They tried that con in 2016.         

racerX (99camaroSS)

From: racerX (99camaroSS)


WOW! Trump taking advantage of tax laws that Biden help write and voted for. Shit for brains libs never cease to amaze me.

Doesn’t matter. Hit pieces like this can sway enough voters in swing states to make a difference, especially when coordinated with the media. This shit is far worse than the fake Russian shit thrown at Trump. We now have a 5th media column combined with ballot fraud.

From: NineMileSkid


If a Republican takes full advantage of tax laws, it is abuse. Those credits and deductions were put in the tax code for exclusive use by friends of Schumer and Pelosi only.

racerX (99camaroSS)

From: racerX (99camaroSS)


Hiden Biden's income last year was over $16 million. I wonder what tax loopholes he used? You can bet that he used every one.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


What the fuck did Biden do to earn $16 million dollars?

j (Dustdevil8)

From: j (Dustdevil8)


Same thing all good Socialist Democrats do for a living.

He wrote a book. What? You didn't think he actually got his hands dirty.

Of course he funneled all of that through an S-Corp so he wouldn't have to pay self employment taxes but that's TOTALLY different from what Trump did.