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Time To Go   Movies, TV, Art, Music, etc

Started Sep-29 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 170 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

First Laurie Anderson I ever heard. NM Public Radio, c. 1982

Laurie Anderson "Time to Go (For Diego)"

Laurie Anderson - Time to Go (For Diego) - sur la compilation "New Music For Electronic And Recorded Media" (1977)

Listen hard to that song and you can hear some Captain Beefheart influences IMO.   But to borrow from American Bandstand - Not sure what the beat is...and I definitely cannot dance to it.  I give it a 40 (from 35-98).


To me, absolutely.  The guitar parts is what I am referring too.  Not a music major so not sure how to explain, but just how they sound "disharmonious"...not too much unlike some "riffs" from TMR.  

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Yeah, I figured that's what you meant.  Also not a music expert, but the Captain's influences were the old blues albums and Be-Bop and Avant Garde jazz, and I'm not hearing any of that in the guitar part.