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Wow..all I can say is Wow   Golf talk

Started Sep-30 by Luvpings (luvpings1); 279 views.

So I was able to sleep in today after 3 days of getting up before 6am.  Rolled out of bed about 8am, leisurely ate my breakfast while catching up on some shows on the DVR (wife was playing tennis, son doing online college).  I then noodled around the house taking care of this and that things that needed to be done.  I then prepared my golf bag for todays round and loaded up the car which was perfectly clean as I washed/waxed it yesterday and garaged it overnight.  I then hit up some of my favorite website for a about 30 minutes and by then it was time to grill some salmon for lunch.  One of my all time favorite meals. Mmm mmm good!  After lunch, my wife headed to work her RN shift and my son headed up to UT-Austin for a lab.  Time for me to hit the links!  Had my usual loaded Yeti and personal cooler with a supply of LaCroix Water and one Protein Shake.

Arrive at the course about 1:30   Zero clouds in the sky, humidity felt about zero as well (not sure what it was...but very dry for sure), temp was about 82* and the wind was just enough to move the flags.  Started on the back 9.  About hole 15 I started to catch a string of groups through 18.  What a perfect time to hit up a few honey holes on 16 (netted 19 5A ball for personal inventory..enough about that).  After 18, hit the restaurant to fill up my Yeti (complimentary for employees) and also grab a Power Ade and a bag of peanuts (50% off for employees).  Headed over to the front 9 where I was able to get ahead of an absolutely packed tee-sheet.  There were 13 straight foursomes teeing off starting at 3pm.  Was able to play 2-4 balls each hole, tee to putting out, while increasing my lead on them.  By the turn I was 3 holes clear after playing multiple balls on all the holes  On to the back 9 with a stop in the Pro Shop to discuss some Fantasy Football trades.  On hole 11...what is this...a twosome teeing off on #10?  They played fast and caught up to me...a couple members that provided some good conversation for a few holes before I stayed back to continue playing multiple balls.  Then on 16..here comes another Marshal  We played through 18 then back to the front 9 through hole 3.  I only played one ball on these holes.   He then left so I continued to play multiple balls through hole 7 when I caught some groups.  Called it a night.  A nice 30 over for 73 "holes", all played in 5:25.  Not my best effort with only 2 birdies (putting was less than good today) , but some driver experiments led to an  unusually high 5 double bogies.  I was okay with that.

When I loaded up in the car to drive home, the temp was showing 79*.  About 2 miles after leaving the course, I turned due east on the interstate.  In the rear view mirror I could see the sun was gone..but the sky was still blue above and ahead.  The west horizon was a fire orange that was just spectacular.  Looking ahead, I could see a snake of headlights in the west bound lane, and a snake of taillights ahead of me.  And on top of that, I was staring right at the full moon that had just come into full view.  It was huge.  Sipping on my Yeti that was still 3/4 full of LaCroix, and Husker Du Zen Arcade playing through the speakers made it just a surreal experience for those 4-5 minutes of east bound driving.

Once home, I cleaned my clubs and reset the bag....have a 1:30 tee time tomorrow.  I hope tomorrow is half as good as today which was Wow...just Wow!

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Right now is the best time of the yeat.


The gulf is blue and calm, fish are going crazy, golf weather is 10/10.

I am a few weeks out from swinging a club...I can’t wait.

you had a great day...that makes me happy.  Being restricted right now, I shall live vicariously through you!

Yeah right now if you can just sit outside at sunset that is 1/2 a Wow for the entire day right there!

I was just thinking it is almost time to dust off the fishing pole and head down to the creek to see if I can hook into a few largemouth.  I avoid it during the summer as everything just gets too overgrown...makes for a less than fun time fish or no fish.


From: Stoneded


Living La Vida Loca!!