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My next iron project...restoring old Macs   Golf Equipment

Started Oct-10 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 322 views.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


In the days before the original GEA, I stumbled on a set of Macgregor Tourney Custom irons.

For being razor thin, very sharp leading edge ams very old technology, I absolutely smashed these irons. 

Like a fool, I traded them for a driver as I only paid $40 bucks for the irons, and fhe driver was like $250 bucks.

Well...I spotted a set of Macgregor Tourney Custom irons 2-10 iron for $100.  I offered the seller $50 bucks and he accepted. 

I will mess with these "as is" to see if the magic is still there, and if it is, I will have them refurbished by The Iron Factory and reshafted and gripped with modern components and some cool ferrules by Boyd Blade and Ferrule company amd have everything to my specs. 

I will post pics when I get the irons

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


Saw a partial set at the Goodwill last week.  I'm keeping my eye out for some MP-14s.  Also some FG-17s?  The ones that Tobias had Joe Kwok refinish.  I hit them at the range at Oak Valley before a huge GEA outing which also featured FDfish, Mike O814, Ivan and about 24 others.



Dave P8

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


How did the refinished irons feel?  I read where some.folks say they feel great amd others are less than happy.

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


I love blades, so they felt great to me.  I think I hit his 3 iron on the range.  They had kind of a bronze tint to them.  Just gorgeous.  


Dave P