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Who Regulates Twitter and Facebook?   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Oct-15 by Burat (DocFreddie); 419 views.
Burat (DocFreddie)

From: Burat (DocFreddie)



How can they get away with this blatant censorship?

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Big Chinese money that makes its way to legislators via campaign contributions.

When you see a company or organization bending the knee to China...it is easy to see.

Facebook, Twitter, NBA, BLM, DNC...many more.



From: BlkNGld1


No one.   

It's a business.   Now you might say it's the modern day equivalent of TV, and I wouldn't dispute that, but if you look at TV they vary in what they choose to broadcast.   Newspapers vary in what makes the editorial pages and letters to the editor.

As long as they haven't blatantly violated their terms of service - and they can pretty much change those on a whim - it's their house, their rules.

Actually I'll correct myself.   Their investors regulate them, and indirectly so do their customers.   And the SEC.   

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Sorry, that’s loserthink.  They are the equivalent of the public square and should not be in the business of regulating speech.  Unless they want to lose their special protection (forget the specific reg) as “platforms” and be liable to lawsuits for libel/slander.


From: BlkNGld1


I agree with your sentiment.   At the same time it's not a taxpayer funded entity, even if it seems that way.

And they were hauled up before congress and told to do more to combat the disinformation.   They're certainly using AI to find this stuff, but like anything else that's "neutral" programming can have it's own biases, as can the reviewers.

I don't do much on social media on the political stuff so I don't see a lot of it either way.   I'm seeing it and just too dumb to notice it.   But I think politics has for many in our country taken over for sports.    Any time a call goes against "us" we notice it, but unless it's blatant, when it goes against them (you know, the Ravens ;-) ) we either don't notice or gloss over it with "what about when...".