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All your memes are belong to us   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Jun-9 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 29313 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

A: Because none of those reached pandemic status.  And, flu cases in the southern hemisphere have plummeted because of mask usage. Because, you know, mask work to help stop the spread of infectious droplets and aerosols.

Paper and cloth masks are pretty much useless for the covid one micron droplets.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Your Indian name would be Beats Dead Horse.

At least I can base my claims on actual science and physics.

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

No, you create straw men and slay them and ignore evidence to the contrary.

What you have posted is not evidence. Even Fauci knows these types of mask are useless.

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

Why do you think seasonal flu cases dropped off a cliff in the southern hemisphere?

However, many countries in the Southern Hemisphere are reporting fewer cases of respiratory illnesses like flu, respiratory syncytial virus and pneumococcal disease this season. Health experts say the decline may be an indirect benefit of measures to control the spread of COVID-19.

At present, Chile has reported 1,134 seasonal respiratory illnesses this year, compared to 20,949 for the same period last year. 




Reported cancer diagnoses are way down too. Must be the masks.