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Bet The Farm...COVID Cure Nov 4th   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Aug-8 by racerX (99camaroSS); 340 views.
j (Dustdevil8)

From: j (Dustdevil8)


They're in a difficult position. It's hard to complain that "we can't pay for this" when you're advocating a plan for $3 trillion.

My guess is they will try to compromise with Republicans and come up with a plan that supercedes the E.O.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


If they dont send a clean bill...Trump can veto it and sit back. He holds all the cards.
j (Dustdevil8)

From: j (Dustdevil8)


Well not all. 

They can sue to stop this and tie it up in the courts. They might offer something that is better as a sure thing than risking a fight.

This is Trump's advantage. He might be behind (and I think he really is at this point) but he's always on offense. All Biden can do is sit in his basement and say, Well if I was President...". He has no control over anything national, state or local. He can't make anything happen. And worse, he has a past record to attack. Trump is a QB. Biden is the Monday Morning type.

Excellent as always Hax. That is exactly my reasoning for starting this thread.