How to Convert OST File to PST Format?

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Hybrid Migration to Office 365

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Hybrid Migration Office 365 is a popular approach for organizations that want to move their email accounts and other data from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server environment to Office 365 while maintaining a coexistence setup between the on-premises environment and the cloud-based Office 365 environment. This allows for a phased migration approach, where users can continue to use their on-premises Exchange environment while gradually moving their data to Office 365.

The hybrid migration process involves several steps and considerations, including:

Planning: Proper planning is crucial for a successful hybrid migration. This includes assessing the current on-premises Exchange environment, understanding the requirements and limitations of the hybrid setup, and determining the migration strategy, such as the mail flow and free/busy coexistence.

Configuring Hybrid Connectivity: Setting up hybrid connectivity involves configuring the Exchange hybrid configuration wizard, establishing trust between the on-premises Exchange environment and Office 365, and configuring mail flow between the two environments.

Migrating Mailboxes: Mailbox migration can be done in batches or individually, depending on the migration strategy chosen. Microsoft provides several tools for mailbox migration, such as the Exchange Admin Center, Exchange Online PowerShell, and third-party migration tools.

Coexistence and Testing: After mailbox migration, coexistence and testing are crucial to ensure smooth operation between the on-premises Exchange environment and Office 365. This includes testing mail flow, free/busy calendar sharing, and other coexistence features to ensure that users can seamlessly collaborate between the two environments.

Decommissioning On-Premises Exchange: Once all mailboxes and other data have been migrated to Office 365 and the coexistence setup is working smoothly, organizations can choose to decommission their on-premises Exchange environment if desired. This involves careful planning and execution to ensure that all dependencies are addressed and that the decommissioning process is carried out securely and efficiently.

It's important to note that hybrid migration to Office 365 requires thorough planning, technical expertise, and proper execution to ensure a smooth transition. Organizations should carefully evaluate their specific requirements, resources, and timeline before embarking on a hybrid migration journey. It's also recommended to consult with Microsoft or a qualified IT professional for guidance and assistance throughout the migration process to ensure a successful outcome.

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