How to Convert OST File to PST Format?

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There are many application that convert OST file to PST format but tech professional gives you right tools for OST to PST Conversion process. User can find out safe, ideal and useful application to convert ost file to PST format. Get More Info Visit:

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Azure AD Premium Pricing: Understanding

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Azure AD Premium is a subscription-based version of Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) service, which is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that provides authentication, authorization, and directory services for organizations. Azure AD Premium offers additional features and capabilities beyond the free version of Azure AD, aimed at providing enhanced security, identity protection, and management capabilities.

The pricing for Azure AD Premium is typically based on a per-user, per-month subscription model, and there are different editions available, including:

Azure AD Premium P1: This edition includes features such as self-service password reset, multi-factor authentication (MFA), conditional access, and application proxy. The pricing for Azure AD Premium P1 starts at $6 per user per month (as of September 2021).

Azure AD Premium P2: This is the more advanced edition that includes all the features of Azure AD Premium P1, along with additional capabilities such as Azure AD Identity Protection, Privileged Identity Management (PIM), and Microsoft Cloud App Security. The pricing for Azure AD Premium P2 starts at $9 per user per month (as of September 2021).

It's important to note that pricing for Azure AD Premium may vary based on factors such as the number of users, billing location, and licensing agreements with Microsoft. It's recommended to visit the official Microsoft website or contact a Microsoft sales representative for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information for Azure AD Premium.

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