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The Value of Respect   Discussions

Started Dec-11 by Pastor Page (PastorPage); 133 views.

Greetings everyone!

Do you know the value of respect? Respect has great value.

It is important that we learn to respect people.  I try to respect every human being.

Disrespecting people is childish and foolish.  (When we disrespect a human being we demonstrate a weakness in ourselves.)

True, there are times when we will need to correct the errors of other; but, there is a proper way to correct and an improper way to correct.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS:  Most people will resent people that disrespect them.  (Even if the victim of the disrespect does not verbally respond to the disrespect, the disrespect will probably still be resented.)

Disrespect destroys many friendships.

Disrespect destroys many marriages.

Many of the programs people watch today are filled with disrespect; so, many people think that disrespecting people is funny.  Disrespect is not funny.  Disrespect is hurtful (and is probably harmful).

 Please, let us learn to respect people and refrain from disrespecting them.

To respect a person does not mean going along with (or approving) everything that person does.  We can disagree (but there is a correct way to disagree and an incorrect way to disagree).


From: RGoss99


Good points, unfortunately in my experience, "friendship" is rather low among he criteria for many marriages.

To quote a female friend of mine who turned down a proposal. She felt she valued the guy´s friendship too much to marry him.

I gather you are a minister - pardon if I give you a different interpretation of marriage. Marriage as we know it does not exist in the Bible. The miracle at Cana (water into wine) was simply at an engagement party when the wine ran out. 

In Biblical times marriages were civil arrangements transferring a woman as property from her father´s jurisdiction to her husbands. Friendship, love, compatibility, were a plus not a requirement. The church of Rome invented the sacrament of marriage in which the priest had a religious and a legal role but this did not happen until aoubt 1000 years after Christ and was not even universal except where property was involved until just before the Reformation, when the Catholic interpretation was grandfathered into the Reformed churches. I don´t know about your denomination but until recently in the Lutheran, Presbytrian, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic ritual, the first words spoken at a religious wedding were "who <<GIVES>> this woman ..." to which the father or guardian of the woman said "I do". Up through the middle ages, when women had no say in the matter. The marriages that were successful, had nothing to do with love, unless the often coérced couple learned to like each other after the fact and became friends.

In my experience many marriages are not much different then prostitution, where the motivation of the woman is security and welbeing, and the man is sex and power. 

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From: RGoss99


adding ... I came from a large family. Though my mother had a university degree she never had a paying job after her marriage. She had several fulfilling roles, mother, housekeeper, lots of volunteer work, and hostess supporting my father´s business interests. He died in 1980, but my mother was still invited to the evens she used to organize. On occasion when I was in the U.S. she invited me as her escort. I knew most of the men through my father and family connections, but what was sad was none of the wives I associated with them, were present. This was after they had done their "duty", they got traded in for a new model, most of whom were my age or younger, who I would classify as empty headed eye candy. I know this sounds cynical but until she died, the other 3 sibs and I kept close contact with our mother, me 3 months from here in Spain, and one sister the same from Italy, and the other two trading off the rest of the year. As I live in a small family oriented village, and this process is very rare, each year returning to the states, I noticed this as a growing trend among my contemporary friends, and former students.

Greetings and thank you for your comments.

I must admit that there is much truth in the historical scenarios you use to describe the state of females in some areas of the world.  I would, though, suggest that historically marriage has been much much more important and stable than the characteristics you chose to highlight.

First (and foremost), the place and value of the female is self-evident.  Why?  Because she is the vessel through which men gain entry onto Planet Earth.  Not only that, she usually has first opportunity to shape and acculturate the child.  Moreover, the child is likely to be more closely attached to her (especially early on) than to the male father.

From my perspective, after carrying a child (within her own body) for nine consecutive months, she should not be expected to work a "regular" job.  Being able to stay at home and do the household and "society" work should be rewards for the times she was pregnant.  (When she was pregnant, she had to be sure to not stumble, not fall, not hurt or harm the baby -  -  - every second, every minute, every hour, every day, for nine consecutive months).

Females populate Planet Earth.  Establishment of their value is not necessary; because, their value is clearly evident.

Life may be worse for women now than ever before.  Why?  They have to bear all the children; and, many have to then go out and work "regular" jobs like men.  Actually, that might be cruel and inhuman treatment.

I have been married almost fifty years.  As I watch my wife grow old, I have more respect for her.  I remember all the work she did (she was a school teacher) and I see evidence of the aging process.  I remember how she birthed our children and returned to work in six weeks.  I remember how she taught other people's children by day and had to teach her own by night.  I remember how she was a great athlete when she was in high school (she was a basketball star) and how work, child-bearing, life struggles and time have slowed her down.

As I recall all the good things about my wife, I am humbled.  I have resolved to be very kind to her and very gentle with her.  I appreciate her so very much.