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“The Forgiveness Imperative” – Matthew 18:21-35


A.  Three Things

1.   A little boy came to the Washington Monument and noticed a guard standing by it.

2.   He looked up at the guard and said, “I want to buy it.”

3.   The guard smiled, stooped down and said, “Well, how much do you have?”

4.   The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter.

5.   The guard said, “Sorry son, that's not enough.”

6.   The boy stuck his hand back into his pocket and brought out 9 cents more.

7.   The guard said, “You need to understand 3 things.”

a.   “First, 34 cents is not enough to buy the Washington Monument. In fact, $34 million is not enough.”

b.   “Second, the Washington Monument is not for sale.”

c.   “And third, if you’re an American citizen, the Washington Monument already belongs to you.”

8.   We need to understand three things about forgiveness.

a.   1st - we can’t earn it.

b.   2nd – it’s not for sale.

c.   & 3rd – if we’ve received Christ, we already have it.

B.  One More Thing     

1.   And to that we must add one more thing; one more important truth that was often on the lips of Jesus as He taught the disciples –

2.   If we have truly been forgiven by God, we will be forgiving of others.

3.   If we have grasped the reality of & stand in God’s grace, then we will be gracious.

4.   To receive mercy means we’re merciful.

5.   Our study today is centered on a story Jesus told that was meant to make this crystal clear.


A.  V. 21

21 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”

1.   As Peter had been following Jesus, he’d begun to start putting the pieces together on the radically new way of living Jesus was calling His followers to.

2.   One of the major themes of Jesus’ teaching was on mercy and compassion.

3.   Peter could see that Jesus just did not hold a grudge and that there wasn’t one shred of bitterness toward a single soul.

4.   So, thinking he’d grasped a central theme of Jesus’ teaching and what it meant to be one of His disciples, he comes with this question about forgiveness.

5.   Now, Peter thought he was being very generous here.

a.   the rabbis taught that you were to forgive someone who offended you 3 times,  but on the 4th time, you could go after them.

b.   Peter, knowing how Jesus took the letter of the law and far surpassed it by applying it to the heart --

c.   took the rabbis 3 times to forgive, doubled it, and then added one for good measure and came up with 7, the number of perfection.

6.  Peter was surely expecting that Jesus would say to him as He had at Peter’s great confession He was the Christ in ch. 16, “At’a boy Peter!  Once again you’ve received enlightenment from above!”

7.   If that was Peter’s expectation, he was disappointed.

B.  V. 22

22 Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

1.   It’s clear Jesus does not mean 490 times for who would or could keep such a tally?

2.   By taking Peter’s suggested 7 and multiplying it by 10 times 7, He means that forgiveness is not something he’s to measure out offence by offence, hurt by hurt, and insult by insult.

3.   Rather, Peter is NOT to count up or measure out forgiveness; he’s to stand in it!

4.   His relationship with others is to be characterized by forgiveness.

5.   He’s not to walk through life keeping a record of the wrongs done him and then drawing a line when those wrongs have reached some magic number.

6.   He’s to keep no record of wrongs, no inventory of hurt, no list of relationship accounts payable.

7.   To make this clear, Jesus told a parable.

C.  Vs. 23-34

23 Therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants.

1.   Before we get deeper in to this, we need to understand something about parables.

a.   when Jesus told one, it was always to illustrate a single truth or principle about life in Him.

b.   parables are not elaborate stories meant to communicate all kinds of deep theological things.

c.   they’re simple, true to life illustrations of one thing, one point Jesus wants to get across to His followers.

d.   we err in our study of the parables when we make all the various parts of the story stand for different things and then go running off after them on a rabbit hunt.

e. the parables were told by Jesus in a specific context, and were meant to illustrate a specific lesson – to get across a singular truth.

2.   Such is the case here.  And that’s why Jesus begins this parable, as He does so many, with the words, “the kingdom of heaven is like . . . ”

a.   the Kingdom of heaven refers to the reign, the rule of God.

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Hmmm great post... I been dealing with some things concerning forgiveness.


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Good Morning Cindy,

I think that if most people were honest, you'd find everyone is struggling with some form of pain that involves forgiving. I know I have offended people in the past and they no doubt wrestle with forgiveness towards me. What has helped me forgive when I've been offended is to always look into my own thinking processes and behavior. In other words, I cannot hold anything against anyone because if I am honest with myself, I have done the same things. Maybe not in the exact way, but it amounts to the same thing. Like Jesus said, if you think it in your heart, you've already done it. We will offend others while we are here, because we are not complete yet. Every once in awhile our flesh arises and we know what to do when that happens, but at the time of our testing; we sometimes get caught up in the moment and it is at that moment we are reminded that we aren't as far along (mature) as we thought we were. "In the moment" can be a humbling thing later on, when we start to think about the whole ordeal. So, one of the things I have learned is to:   Do not judge, stay humble and do not fear.  Grudge holding is usually because we have too much pride. The three things I just named usually surface when we get angry and stay angry. 

I don't want to bore you but I'd like to tell you a story.

Many years ago when I was working in a certain Beauty Salon, I had a hard time getting along with one of my co-workers. This had never happened to me before. I'd go to work and we'd clash. We both had very bad attitudes toward one another and this was obvious to everyone around us. What a horrible example I was giving to those around me. It was terrible. God started to teach me about the Character of Christ. Thinking while at home, I knew this just could not go on. So I prayed about it and asked God to show me what I could do to turn the whole thing around.  I also asked Him to forgive me for my rotten attitude toward this co-worker. He showed me what to do. The next day, I went to work and started to be very kind and gentle to her, I was soft spoken and I asked her to forgive me for my attitude. She melted and became very responsive. We ended up being good friends at work. The spirit of division did not get the victory, but our God got the glory! 

One of you has to take that one step to agree with Jesus about forgiveness. One person has to humble themselves and do what is right. We are promised that forgiveness heals all our wounds. Once we move towards that light and obey, darkness has to leave because it sets everyone free. Forgiving is a prime example of overcoming evil with good.

Love you!


Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 


From: Cindy (Cindy4Jesus) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/12/17 1:16 PM 
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Thanks so much for this post. Yeah, I think pride is getting in my way. Being right doesn't always make others think the same. My brother did not attend my sons wedding. I was angry but kind of let it all go. It was beautiful (the prettiest) wedding I ever witnessed. My sons x 2 grew up around my brother and were close. As they grew older that sort of fizzled out. But around holidays he is funny and makes us all laugh. (my brother).

He did have a procedure that day... but he made it where the prep was on the wedding day. I think that he is avoiding me and made excuses to my Mother and others. I never consider my brother a slacker until now LOL. And so, many times he will go that's life. My mother let them know that they really missed out on a beautiful wedding.

My husbands side were amazing with gifts showered on my son and his new wife (expensive gifts) etc. My brother is not a bad person at all-- but seems were not bonded as before. I am trying to just let it all go but it makes me feel like he doesn't care. I think he knows how I feel and has sort of been avoiding me.

The wedding was so much fun. They went all out with her coming in on a horse and carriage ride. Dancing etc and we did help them plan it etc. Some of the people on my side disappointed me! But we had a huge crowd so none of that really matters now. Also, I do most everything for my mother why he does simple things. She is in good shape but will not drive now. Are women suppose to be the scape goat for men? He is like not responsible.

But then again, God has blessed my children and I have has a very good life. But some of these things cause anxiety and sadness. Your story helped me!!! That had to be very difficult for you to do. Now with holidays coming up... I have to face most everyone. I am praying for God to let me be silent LOL. I sort of wanted to blast a few people. But that is not right at all.

The wedding was catered and a few people that said they were coming (did not). Very close cousins did not come and I had offered one a ride. I just don't feel like wasting my time on them now. But God gave us a beautiful wedding... and even the rain went away just before the wedding started. There was sunshine and it was just so beautiful.

***When you cater a wedding with food you suppose to be there if you stated that you would come.

Love you, Cindy

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I am basically really tired this morning. We had to go out to another dinner last night. Read through the typo's/ I am actually going back to bed.


From: Cindy (Cindy4Jesus) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/12/17 1:19 PM 
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I always forget to put in the persons name with drop down box. The above post is to you. Not to All.


From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/12/17 6:57 PM 
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After reading your post I am thinking of the possibility that your brother could be struggling with things (who knows, maybe worldly things) that he does not want you to know about. This is why they sometimes keep their distance. Pray for him often. I went through this for years with my oldest son. Never give up! Does he know the Lord? 

As for those that were not considerate regarding the wedding, well that is just people. What you deem important and dear, others usually do not and won't give their 100% like you do.  

I had an Aunt that was in a Assistant/nursing home and I never did go see her before she passed. We weren't close, but we did care for each other.  I am sure the others felt it was wrong of me not to go. But those that went, do not have an aging husband that falls once in awhile and has chest pains on and off and more, nor a bunch of pets to be looked after and no one to help me. People will easily judge when they do not understand your situation. Not everyone has discernment or empathy or even much compassion. Those that are able to travel easily without a thought, do not understand those of us who cannot. When my mother was an invalid and dying with cancer. Not one relative of hers came to see her. She was sure her brother would come to help me out. But no. He asked me if I needed him to come after she passed. My response was, "I needed you when she was alive, not now."  There was one sister who "happened" to be passing through on her way to Disney Land who stopped in the hospital to see her. I was absolutely appalled. I was so angry. I had to really work and pray through my unforgiveness. I had to think inside of my heart, examine my heart, read the Word and pray, pray pray!  But you know Cindy, if those people have not been born-again, they all remain in their selfish thinking patterns. That was a tough time for me because I had three sons I was raising by myself. Another long story. Thank God I learned early on the importance of forgiving. I learned that when you take that first step doing what is right, your feelings will follow. If we waited until we "felt" like doing it, we might never follow through on His goodness. So we step out into obedience and yes our feelings follow. 



From: Cindy (Cindy4Jesus) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/13/17 12:46 AM 
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I will answer this in the morning. Thanks for sharing, and I see you been through so much. Tired tonight.


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