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“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not all consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22, 23 kjv


God’s mercies, love and compassions are deep. Who of us can understand? Every single day, we hear of more killings and those who rebel against everything God stands for. They have no limits to the wicked destruction they will bring upon a person, city or nation. 


Lies are their native language and violence is their middle name.


Psychologists and Psychiatrists never put the blame upon the perpetrator but point to the environmental upbringing which caused them to be held captive by their mental illness. Therefore, in today’s world; it is not the criminal’s fault. The criminal becomes the victim. Rd. Isaiah 5:20


The early sixties brought the British rock group: The “Beetles” invading our shores, as we listened to a different beat from abroad. The rockers hairstyles were coifed over their ears and collars. America embraced their uniqueness and overnight our own rock and rollers grew their hair longer and longer and because of their great success we opened the gates to more British rock groups. Thousands of teens flocked to hear this new expression. Pot, LSD, speed were used everywhere and as the hippies rebelled with these abusive substances against the Vietnam war, they proceeded to destroy themselves with free love. Then, the media flashed smiling pictures of the Beetles dressed in east Indian styled garb with Ghandi in India seeking wisdom and to “find themselves.” Last count, Hinduism has 350 million gods. Each village has their own gods for your specific requests. Their idols are made of wood, stone, metal and other materials, who have eyes yet cannot see, ears but cannot hear. 


America’s response? Complacency. Why did we not see how this would affect us and our children? We embraced the eastern idolatries and watched prayer and the Bible booted from our schools and replaced with Idolatry and paganism. An obliging America turned her back on the God of the Bible and accepted gods from other nations [in the name of separation of church and state]. Results: We have received the curses that are prominent in those nations. We have their diseases, afflictions, droughts, floods, fires, and many cannot grow food organically, due to the toxicity of the earth being sprayed by chemicals. We have had to buy our water because the water from our own facets is also full of chemicals. And, we did it all to ourselves.  


In a lab in Oregon, scientist are holding a vial of “The Black Plague.” Why? Will this be unleashed during the wrath of God? 



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