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From: heim6184/22/19 7:54 PM 
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You think the Mueller Report was a good thing for Donald Trump.  If he wasn't President he'd be indicted.


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First, I have no hatred in my heart like the opposition does. Second, I try very hard not to accuse anyone, but I will speak the truth. Trump's party is not the party that has given the nod to murder babies after they are delivered. Nor, does his people protest for their rights to have abortions. What about the baby? The Baby is a person and cannot defend itself and Trump's team is fighting for the baby's rights. Have you, ever given any thought as to why this is happening? Have you moved rocks, researched both sides to discover this truth? His party is not the one that puts its stamp upon Sanctuary Cities that only slap the wrists of criminals as they go free to encourage them to murder once again. In other words, they do not believe in holding others accountable for their crimes. It is not the party that protects illegal immigrants that refuse to come in legally like so many others have in the past. Everyone knows and sees, the obvious secular lies that come across the main stream media about Trump and his team. Everything the opposition receives they twist and pervert to try to build a case and if they cannot find anything; they are more than willing to once again "make up stories" for the gullible public to keep them brainwashed. These people are unable to see the truth anymore, because they have lied so much; they now believe their own lies. That is Biblical. They are blind people. 

This President is one who is trying to protect our country, but he has had to fight the opposition every inch of the way. It appears, they seem to want our nation to fall, so they can take over. In so many ways, our nation has already fallen because of all the corrupt judges that Obama put into office, so that evil can indeed triumph and is doing so, but only for a season. The working people in this nation cannot afford the healthcare that Obama gave to them. You want to talk about lies? Obama lied continually to the working people in this nation. Have you ever considered asking yourself "who was he working for, to do such things?" What about the cover-up in Benghazi? It seems to have faded a bit and laid upon a shelf. What about Hillary hammering her cellphone and pouring bleach on it to get rid of evidence that would send her to prison. Have you thought about that? Whose side are you on anyway? Hillary & Bill studied Marxism when they were in College. Is that who you wanted to get into office. Think!

So called political correctness became almost a rule while Obama was in office and it was twisted and perverted into anything but the truth. Unfortunately, many could not see what was going on. Trump has put a stop to the "political correctness." Thank God for that.

We did not have any problem with racism either, things were getting along pretty good, until Obama got in and stirred the pot.

Another thing to think about is all the freebies the opposition is promising to you. If they were to try to bring all they are talking about into the material realm our nation would go broke overnight, people would lose their homes, the stock market would collapse, people would be jumping out of windows and over night many would be closing up their businesses. 

Ask yourself why, the opposition is campaigning against those who have money and have made it honestly or even inherited it. Is it a sin to bequeath your children money? I don't think so, not in this country.

Obama put ungodly people into the Supreme Court and with that, our nation has passed many ungodly laws that are totally against the God of the Bible. Our history is actually being rewritten into lies, our children are being taught to hate and in elementary age are taught that homosexuality is alright, they encourage non-genderism thus mixing up a small child's mind to wonder if they are really a boy. They encourage high school and college kids to protest for their rights for socialism and taught lies about socialism and communism. And, just like those who have planned to take this nation over many many years ago. They said they would do it without a shot.  They encourage burning our flag and even hating our military. Have you asked yourself, where is this coming from? Who is behind it? Look at both sides.  If it wasn't for our military, we would not have our freedom today. 

Instead of our military waiting for hours in an emergency room and some even dying, they can now go to other civil Drs to be treated. No other President like Trump has loved our military and done so much for them. They are supposed to have gotten a raise [if the opposition passes it] and many other good things will be happening. .

I will say this, if it wasn't for Obama's reign; we wouldn't have President Trump today. So, I praise God he was in office; because God really does use all things for those who are called for His purpose.

Do you realize that all these attacks against President Trump is a global agenda? It isn't just in our nation, it is like an octopus tendrils and every nation that hasn't accepted what the globalist want are all going through the same thing. They have a written agenda and a deadline. I sincerely hope you are not one of them. Look at both sides and then decide who you will believe.  

You made a statement and said if President Trump was not President he would be indicted. Do tell me the reason. What has he done to you?  

Further, if God did not want him in there; he would not have been elected. It won't make any difference if you believe or do not believe there is a God, it will be God; not man who decides when his reign is over.  Ever since he has been elected the opposition has not stopped accusing him and trying to dig up things to continue to build their case. Nothing has worked and nothing will work, because he is in there and is God appointed. Have you ever given any thought as to why this has happened? 

Lastly, the Bible says, " He that is without sin cast the first stone." John 8:7

I am sure President Trump has a past, just like everyone of us. I am sure he has sinned like everyone of us. But I'll tell you the truth, he has been born-again [a lady by the name of Paula White bought him to the Lord] and trying to walk a good walk of faith in Christ. He stands for the righteousness of God and Christians. 

What do you stand for heim618 ?   It is not too late to repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. We are all one single heart beat away from standing in front of Him.


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From: Vector (GPL89034)10/26/19 1:44 PM 
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Lots of information out there to read. Thanks Vector.


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