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From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-10 3:24 PM 
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What do you need prayer for?
I need prayer because I am sick
I need prayer because I am depressed
I need prayer because of my marriage
I need prayer because of abuse
I need prayer because I have so much hatred in my heart/hard to forgive
I am fearful over everything
I have no friends
I give up to easily
No one understands me
I have physical problems
Pray for my children
Pray for my grand-children
Pray for my spouse's health
Pray for my friend [sickness]
Pray about a friends addictions
Pray for my sick pet
Pray for a job for me
Pray for a place to live for us
I need strength
More than ever I need hope
Pray for my son in war
Pray for my loved one who is hospitalized
Please pray for a good car for us
A good church

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From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-11 6:54 PM 
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I find it amazing no one needs prayer. 

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From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-12 7:13 PM 
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Lord we lift up that loved one who is hospitalized. You know all their problems, their frustrations and the stress their family is going through. We ask that your Holy Spirit would give comfort to the one hospitalized and their family. We ask that you would minister your love to everyone who is in need of reassurance. We ask that you would go to the source of the problem and begin to renew the one sick and give them the faith to follow it through. Send encouragers to them to lift up their attitude and give them a new hope. If they need surgery we ask that your Spirit would guide the Drs hands and everything would go well. We thank you for this Father. In your son we pray, amen. 


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-14 10:19 AM 
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Solicited prayer is nearly useless, prayer is a PERSONAL thing between the supplicant and his God.

If a public prayer is offered, I do not make an objection, politeness is always a correct manner of observing others pray.


USCG Engineer 1961-1982
RN, Acute Care specialist 1986-2008
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From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-14 3:44 PM 
To: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (5 of 11) 
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It is interesting how Jesus always prayed openly for others. God honors the attitude of the heart that prays in whatever form. Read your Bible Bike.


From: Angelica_308 (Isabella308) DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-16 10:40 AM 
To: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (6 of 11) 
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I will be the first to get in line for prayer!



From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-16 12:32 PM 
To: Angelica_308 (Isabella308) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (7 of 11) 
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Precious Father, 

I thank you for Angelica and her humble heart. I thank you for sending her into this place and reaching out for help. We both want to give you honor and glory in this prayer. We lift up Angelica to you and we think of your word that promises us "you make a way where there seems to be no way." It is You O Father that moves the mountains in our lives. It is you who never leaves us or forsakes us. We know you listen. You are our Holy Father, our rock, our fortress, our high tower, our New Covenant and our hope and we know Your Spirit hears every word we utter. You told us we have not, because we ask not.  You told us to trust in you with all of our heart and lean not to our own understanding. We both deliberately rebuke and bridle our tongues to stop any fretting or murmuring in our lives. We give thanks for the trial Angelica is walking through and all the faith and strength that is being given to her as she learns. We will speak of your goodness and bring salt and life to all those who listen.  Right now, we lean completely upon You and your word. We put our trust in You with all of our heart, mind and soul and we ask that you would begin to supply Angelica with all her needs according to your riches in glory. We ask that doors begin to open that she thought were once closed. We ask that opportunities would be spoken to her and we ask that you would give her the godly and wise discernment needed to go in the direction you lead her. Make her sensitive to your Holy Spirit and we ask that you would begin to teach her godly ways in how to deal with this new avalanche of opened doors, priorities in how to spend, to save and most important how to give to whom, in your name Jesus. Make her a cheerful giver Lord. We thank you ahead of time for this answered prayer. We give you all the credit due to you and thank you for hearing our request. Our faith will not waver, will not falter and will not be swayed in anyway. We choose to stand upon this prayer by faith and we rejoice ahead of time and can say with our hearts that Jesus is Lord. Thank You Father for your Son who paid the price for us in every way in our lives, and we pray in His name. Amen. 


From: Angelica_308 (Isabella308) DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-16 4:55 PM 
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Thanks so much for the prayer..



From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-16 5:16 PM 
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Precious Father, 

We give you all praise and honor this day. We give you all glory and we can boldly declare that we love you with all of our heart, all of our mind and with all of our soul and strength and we love our neighbors as ourself. You say in your word that if we delight ourselves in You, that You will give us the desires of our heart. We delight in you in the morning, noon and when we go to bed. We openly declare to put you first place in our hearts.  We are thankful for your never-ending promises. You've given them to us to take inside of our hearts and to stand upon. You give us hope when we need it. We know your word says that whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and the encouragement of your word so that we might have hope and overflow with confidence in Your promises. We ask for this overflow, Father we believe. Your word also tells us about the incredible love you have for us, so much that we are called "The children of God." Thank you for warming our hearts. We know that when your son comes, we will see him as he is and be like him. You have further taught us that everyone who has this hope inside of them purifies themselves, just as He is holy. You O Father have already given us this eternal hope. You have also given us a measure of faith that works with love and hope. In fact, when we first heard about the gospel your hope went into our hearts and the truth set us free. O Father I pray for the one right now to set her/him free from any doubts, any physical sights that would bind her/him from your hope and faith, any past wounds from words, anything that they could be hanging onto that would cause a wedge between them and your love. Set them free Father and fill them up with your hope in Christ. Give them the truth they need to walk in total freedom by faith and confidence in your anointed word. Right now, we ask that an anchor be wrapped around their hearts filled with the reality of your steadfast love like that of a gem, in every way. Allow them to see and experience the greatness of your hope. Teach them to become one mind in you, as your Son Jesus was in one mind with you. Tear down all things that would hinder their walk with you and replace those things with the solidity of your goodness, kindness, faith and love. We ask for a healing in their thought life and that they would be renewed by your word on a daily basis. We ask that your Holy Spirit would strengthen them to put off the old man and put on the new man in Christ.  We thank you for this heavenly treasure ahead of time. We will stand on this prayer of purpose. We will not waver, nor falter, we will not fret or murmur, nor doubt; but we will use the faith that you have given us and look with expectation for this hope. Thank you Lord and in Jesus name we ask and proclaim He is Lord. Amen. 

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From: luv7 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostFeb-16 5:17 PM 
To: Angelica_308 (Isabella308) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (10 of 11) 
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My pleasure Angelica. Stand upon the words and don't let them go, no matter what comes up in your life. God always answers prayers. Anytime you need prayer I will be here. Blessings to you.



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