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                                             Damaged Souls


One of the most heartwarming sights ever to behold in a hospital, is in the pediatric department. Robed in pink and blue the babies slumber. They are a gift from God and are born desiring love. Just ahead, the world lies wait, for them to learn just as we did, by walking their whole life through the festive memories that made them laugh, but also times of caution, tiptoeing through fearful times in darkness, sometimes with the cruelty of abandonment, physical and verbal abuse. When a baby is born into such times of fearful insecurity, they ask: “Why didn’t they love me?  Wasn’t I a pretty baby? A good baby? What was wrong with me? Why did they do that? Why didn’t someone help me? Rescue me? Why didn’t someone care?”


Our questions seem to be like an ensign that hangs endlessly into space. Our delicate souls became damaged. 


For some, many are helpless to move past their anger and cannot think straight. Here is your hope. Our deepest wounds may stay buried, but over time God’s Spirit is working inside healing our traumas by His love. 


There is your answer. Your healing will come by His love. Sound too simple? It is God who created you, exactly the way He wanted you. God doesn’t make mistakes. Your eyes are more beautiful than you realize. Your hair is numbered just enough to lay perfectly. Your body was designed by His hand. Just as the baby is a gift, you are still a gift. Your soul; that place of decisions, feelings and personality must now strive to accept the magnitude of God’s love into your life.  Within 350 million people, not one person will be alike! There is no one else like you on the face of the earth! You are significant! A promise! Not one person can take your place! His Spirit created us: 


  1. In love   
  2. By love  
  3. Through love, because 
  4. He is love!


You might ask, “Why would a loving God allow this to happen to me?” I say, “Why are there people on earth walking around who have never worn shoes, who eat only rice and drink muddy water?” “Why are people still sacrificing babies?” “Why do people say one thing, then do another?”


If you did not walk in the mud and get dirty, how would you know how it feels to be clean when the rain comes? If we received a life free from wounds, testings and problems, how could we ever become strong in Christ? How would we understand the difference? How could we give mercy, unless we ourselves have experienced it? When we ask God for mercy, do we see the mercy He has already given to us? Can you see what He  has already brought you through? Thankful hearts are not born within th
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