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From: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)Aug-2 12:40 PM 
To: We do NOT miss Mitt Romney ANYMORE !! (samcomm) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (23 of 102) 
 206813.23 in reply to 206813.14 

Actually, you were on "both knees" giving Trump a blow job!  Admit it.


From: Peacemaker45Aug-2 5:15 PM 
To: Paul (Kwihnai)  (24 of 102) 
 206813.24 in reply to 206813.8 

Paul (Kwihnai) said...

I don't remember seeing in recent memory of any kid white or black mowing a yard

Come down here.  The guy who cuts my grass is a high school math teacher with FOUR kids and one of those in college.  For more money, he has a lawn service that pays him almost as much as the high school job.  During the summer vacation, he gets help from his kids.  They do all kinds of lawn work including planting shrubs and building patios.  They work hard, make good money AND they are white citizens.


From: Paul (Kwihnai)Aug-2 7:15 PM 
To: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)  (25 of 102) 
 206813.25 in reply to 206813.10 

What book ?


From: Paul (Kwihnai)Aug-2 7:15 PM 
To: ConneryFan2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (26 of 102) 
 206813.26 in reply to 206813.12 

Thats Jorge ? 




From: Paul (Kwihnai)Aug-2 7:17 PM 
To: Peacemaker45  (27 of 102) 
 206813.27 in reply to 206813.24 

Glad to hear that......we still got the brown water navy mowing yards up here


From: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)Aug-3 5:25 PM 
To: Paul (Kwihnai)  (28 of 102) 
 206813.28 in reply to 206813.25 

Kuwaini the last Indian.  You know, the one you recommended to me last summer.


From: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)Aug-3 5:26 PM 
To: Paul (Kwihnai)  (29 of 102) 
 206813.29 in reply to 206813.26 

Read my nic backwards!


From: Paul (Kwihnai)Aug-3 5:59 PM 
To: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)  (30 of 102) 
 206813.30 in reply to 206813.29 

I got it where ya been hiding out.....ducking for cover because my guy won -:).

And how was the book??


From: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)Aug-7 7:55 PM 
To: Paul (Kwihnai)  (31 of 102) 
 206813.31 in reply to 206813.30 

I threw the book in the trash.  The Indians were like ISIS of today, beheadings, cruelty and violence exceeded those of ISIS.


From: Paul (Kwihnai)Aug-7 8:56 PM 
To: RealJorge11 (11egroJlaeR)  (32 of 102) 
 206813.32 in reply to 206813.31 

We were never defeated in battle... we just gave what we got and when we quit after all the buffalo were gone .  Thats  how you defeated us you starved us to death.   But when books are finished where else to put them that what do with Yankee propaganda books. Just so ya know my last check up was terrible time is short.   Glad you enjoyed the book.



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