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From: Clothahump DelphiPlus Member IconAug-9 4:59 PM 
To: Why is liberal synonymous with liar? (curmudgeonSq)  (297 of 378) 
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Why is liberal synonymous with liar? (curmudgeonSq) said...

Clothahump said...

 Please show proof of any statement where I have said that matter magically appeared out of nothing.

Where did you say it originated?  Oh yeah, always there, aka, magically appeared out of nothing

No.  If it was always there, it was always there, period.

However, what you seem to be skipping over - whether willfully or from ignorance, I don't know which - is that matter and energy are the same thing.  Einstein's famous equation of E=MC^^2 shows the relationship.  This is how the Sun and the stars work - matter condenses so much that we have a reaction that consumes matter and send out energy.  Or are you going to try to deny this as well?



From: MAGIKDRAGGINAug-9 5:53 PM 
To: srragland  (298 of 378) 
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srragland said...

I just respond to what is posted TO ME...

That is NOT exactly a full-disclosure statement, now is it?  In the forum realm of 'cause and effect', someone has to INITIATE a post before someone else can respond to it.

You posted a response to anothers post and it was to THAT post that others responded to YOU....providing YOU with the opportunity to go off on your Bahai Bahaullah Messenger, B.S.

It is highly disingenuous of you to say otherwise, suggesting that you only respond to those who ask YOU about come of your "claims".   You are a master of baiting others into engaging you in discussion about your little troupe of religious nonsense.

They WILL find out for themselves, in time.....


From: BerryStephAug-9 6:00 PM 
To: bml00  (299 of 378) 
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"Practicing Jews, in Palestine and in the UK and in most of the US (though perhaps not all?), were virulently anti-Zionist until long after the creation of Israel."

Absolutely true. Only started changing in 1967.

.... Across the political spectrum, American Jewish intellectuals proved especially indifferent to Israel's fate. Detailed studies of the left-liberal New York Jewish intellectual scene through the 1960s barely mention Israel.[16 See, for example, Alexander Bloom, Prodigal Sons (New York: 1986)] 

Just before the June war, the AJC sponsored a symposium on "Jewish Identity Here and Now." Only three of the thirty-one "best minds in the Jewish community" even alluded to Israel; two of them did so only to dismiss its relevance.[17 Lucy Dawidowicz and Milton Himmelfarb (eds), Conference on Jewish Identity Here and Now (American Jewish Committee: 1967)] 

Telling irony: just about the only two public Jewish intellectuals who had forged a bond with Israel before June 1967 were Hannah Arendt [18. After emigrating from Germany in 1933, Arendt became an activist in the French Zionist movement; during World War II through Israel's founding, she wrote extensively on Zionism] and Noam Chomsky.[18 cont ...  The son of a prominent American Hebraist, Chomsky was raised in a Zionist home and, shortly after Israel's independence, spent time on a kibbutz ... Both the public campaigns vilifying Arendt in the early 1960s and Chomsky in the 1970s were spearheaded by the ADL. (Elisabeth Young-Bruehl "Hannah Arendt" [New Haven 1982], pp.105-8, 138-9, 143-4, 182-4, 223-33, 348; Robert F. Barsky, Noam Chomsky [Cambridge 1997], pp.9-93; David Barsamian (ed.) "Chronicles of Dissent" [Monroe, ME: 1992] p.38)]

Then came the June war. Impressed by Israel's overwhelming display of force, the United States moved to incorporate it as a strategic asset. (Already before the June war the United States had cautiously tilted toward Israel as the Egyptian and Syrian regimes charted an increasingly independent course in the mid-1960s.) Military and economic assistance began to pour in as Israel turned into a proxy for US power in the Middle East.  See "Holocaust Industry", Finkelstein, p.18


From: BerryStephAug-9 6:04 PM 
To: Leah (muppetmel1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (300 of 378) 
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Yup, and it's the same group trotted out by other anti-Israel anti-Zionist (AKA anti-Semites) when they want to "prove" that not all Jews support Israel. The vast majority DO, and just the nutters or the far-gone left join the BDS movement.

Devout Jews were bitterly opposed to Zionism.

In Palestine, their leader was Jacob de Haan and he made a separate deal with Abdullah, condemning Zionism and conflict with Palestinians.

de Haan insisted that religious Jews have funding separate from the Zionists - getting the bread tax into this separate budget.

The Zionists murdered him in 1924.


From: BerryStephAug-9 6:05 PM 
To: srragland  (301 of 378) 
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That was written in the late 19th century.  Unfortunately, the world’s religious leaders did not heed this counsel so the religions are still just as divided as they ever were.  This will change though, in the future, when people finally realize there is only One God and only one religion of God that is revealed by God’s Messengers at various intervals in history.

Why would religious people suddenly start doing the opposite of what they've ever done before?


From: Leah (muppetmel1) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-9 6:06 PM 
To: BerrySteph  (302 of 378) 
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Excommunicated loons.


From: Duane (DPDawson) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-10 12:12 AM 
To: RSinger10  (303 of 378) 
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No, the main criteria are that Moshiach will bring about the ingathering of the exiles, rebuild the Temple, and inaugurate an era of world peace for all the nations.

Isn't the establishment of Israel a fulfillment of the in-gathering of the exiles? Where does it say that Moshiach will do this personally? Nowhere, I think. I believe that you are taking the prophecy of the building of the temple too literally. Where does it say that peace will happen within the lifetime of Moshiach? Nowhere. Also I believe that the OT prophesizes more than one person and both the Christians and the Jews are confused about this. Jesus is the first one prophesized and Baha'u'llah the second.

 He will be a human being- not divine in any way.

How would you know that? I don't think it says that anywhere. I'm not saying that Jesus is God, Jesus never said He is God, but nevertheless He is divine. He is a human being, but more than an ordinary human being.

Did you ever stop and think how could he be obvious? How could he accomplish that?






A host of Planet Baha'i

Compiler of Sermon on the Mount Amplified




From: bml00Aug-10 2:18 AM 
To: BerrySteph  (304 of 378) 
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Berry ,

I know along with every other person on this and all the forums you appear on that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever to any topic you write about. Since the Diaspora at the times of the Romans , Jews have prayed to be returned to Israel , their homeland , their religious, traditional, spiritual and cultural centre of belief.

Whether you read the psalms "By the waters of Babylon, there we sat and wept , when we remembered Zion " or on the most Holy Day in the Jewish Year yom Kippur when Jews uttered "next year in Jerusalem" or when ANY JEW was mourned "May Gd comfort you among all the mourners of ZION and Jerusalem"

All the prayers of Jews for 2000 years were towards to the return to Israel / ZION - they are both the same , indivisible . You talk of Israel , you talk of ZION.

According to Wiki since the 10century BCE , Jerusalem has been the Holiest of Cities for the Jews with their focus and spiritual centre for all things Jewish.

You waste your time old lad but you are an idiot so enjoy yourself




From: Leah (muppetmel1) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-10 7:12 AM 
To: Duane (DPDawson) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (305 of 378) 
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Isn't the establishment of Israel a fulfillment of the in-gathering of the exiles?

Hello Duane, R Singer can answer your post more completely but you have the above wrong. The in-gathering of the exiles means all Jews in galus, exile, meaning outside Eretz Ysrael, return to our home. When I send you a postcard from my new permanent home in Eretz Ysrael, and all of the Jews of the world wave to you from the Crusader ramparts in Jerusalem, you will know the in-gathering of the exiles is complete.


From: Leah (muppetmel1) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-10 7:13 AM 
To: bml00  (306 of 378) 
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Psssst, your post sounds almost...... religious!


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