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From: EastofWestAug-12 8:28 AM 
To: All  (1 of 117) 

Right-wing white supremacists marched in Virginia last night, and, get this, they were carrying torches. Anyway, as right-wingers are wont to do they started getting violent. They attacked counter protesters with their torches and with pepper spray.

It is simply heart breaking that right-wing racism and violence has become almost normal in Trump's America. 

Look at this picture of these inbred idiots. The collective IQ is probably lower than that of your average right-winger on Opinion Forum.


Hundreds of far-right demonstrators wielded torches as they marched on to the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville on Friday night and reportedly attacked a much smaller group of counter-protesters who had linked arms around a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Starting at a municipal park less than a mile away, “alt-right” protesters who have gathered for the weekend Unite the Right rally marched in a long column over the short distance to the campus, chanting slogans like “You will not replace us” and “Blood and soil”.

When the marchers reached and surrounded the counter-protesters there was a short verbal confrontation. Counter-protesters said they were then attacked with swung torches, pepper spray and lighter fluid.


From: EastofWestAug-12 8:28 AM 
To: nightlight88  (2 of 117) 
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Your comrades are getting violent again.


From: EastofWestAug-12 8:29 AM 
To: Ameristan  (3 of 117) 
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You should tell your fellow nazi to knock it off.


From: gattoclassAug-12 8:36 AM 
To: EastofWest  (4 of 117) 
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Blood and soil - blud und boden - was a popular slogan in Nazi Germany.


From: EastofWestAug-12 8:42 AM 
To: gattoclass  (5 of 117) 
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Yep. Basically these people are just scared. We see it here on this forum. A lot of right-wingers cannot accept the fact that white men have to share power. You see it in little threads where they're all butt hurt because some white guy got fired for being sexist or racist or that "PC is the biggest threat facing the nation." They're upset that it's not acceptable to be rude and bigoted in public.


From: nightlight88Aug-12 10:56 AM 
To: EastofWest  (6 of 117) 
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Maybe you better check out the loonie lefties who came on a congressman's PROPERTY and protested.



these leftwing bas-tards need to be jailed.


From: EastofWestAug-12 10:59 AM 
To: nightlight88  (7 of 117) 
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So you support this torchlight mob of neo Nazis committing violence?

From: Get Over It; Trump Won (Doc3152)Aug-12 11:19 AM 
To: nightlight88  (8 of 117) 
 207862.8 in reply to 207862.6 

>>>>Maybe you better check out the loonie lefties who came on a congressman's PROPERTY and protested<<<<

He's jerking your chain. They always try to cover up their own violence by pointing to any gathering of opponents as being a riot. Joseph Goebels would be proud of them. 


From: EastofWestAug-12 11:23 AM 
To: Get Over It; Trump Won (Doc3152)  (9 of 117) 
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Do you approve of neo Nazis hitting people with torches?

From: CarmanHDAug-12 11:36 AM 
To: EastofWest  (10 of 117) 
 207862.10 in reply to 207862.7 

They are Tiki torches, used to keep insects away. I have about 8 of them around my pool right now. They sell them at home depot, lowes and other Right wing Nazi outlets.


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