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From: EastofWestAug-13 7:41 AM 
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Donald Trump fails yet again...

Donald Trump's incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville

t's hard to imagine a less presidential statement in a time in which the country looks to its elected leader to stand up against intolerance and hatred.
Picking a "worst" from Donald Trump's statement -- delivered from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club -- isn't easy. But, the emphasis of "on many sides" -- Trump repeated that phrase twice -- is, I think, the low ebb.
Both sides don't scream racist and anti-Semitic things at people with whom they disagree. They don't base a belief system on the superiority of one race over others. They don't get into fistfights with people who don't see things their way. They don't create chaos and leave a trail of injured behind them.
Arguing that "both sides do it" deeply misunderstands the hate and intolerance at the core of this "Unite the Right" rally. These people are bigots. They are hate-filled. This is not just a protest where things, unfortunately, got violent. Violence sits at the heart of their warped belief system.

From: gattoclassAug-13 8:02 AM 
To: EastofWest  (2 of 73) 
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When the terrorists are Islamists, they must be explicitly condemned as "radical Islamic terrorists" or you can't effectively fight them. But when the terrorists are American white supremacists, no more precise identification is possible than a vague hand-wave at violence "on many sides".

What a fucking hypocrite.


From: EastofWestAug-13 8:22 AM 
To: gattoclass  (3 of 73) 
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Yeah it's quite amazing.

From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-13 8:31 AM 
To: EastofWest  (4 of 73) 
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YOU are the real racist, you idiot. and everyone knows it by now.


From: EastofWestAug-13 8:41 AM 
To: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)  (5 of 73) 
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Nice nonsense response. Care to address the topic or won't god let you?


From: 2003 FLHRCI (MAC_MAC) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-13 11:51 AM 
To: EastofWest  (6 of 73) 
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It would not have mattered what he'd said, how he said it or when he said it.

You'd bitch if you were not hung with a new rope


From: EastofWestAug-13 11:55 AM 
To: 2003 FLHRCI (MAC_MAC) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (7 of 73) 
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"It would not have mattered what he'd said, how he said it or when he said it."

While I agree, people are increasingly ignoring him because his statements are baffling and his cabinet has to reassure people he doesn't mean what he says, but it still does matter what the president of the United States says, and yesterday he gave a tacit endorsement of white nationalism.


From: xylotopsAug-13 11:58 AM 
To: EastofWest  (8 of 73) 
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"endorsed by tepid criticism"  I suppose if preferable to being damned by faint praise


From: gattoclassAug-13 12:09 PM 
To: EastofWest  (9 of 73) 
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This is what it's come to. The President of the United States won't condemn white supremacists chanting Nazi slogans - even when one adopts Islamist extremist tactics by slamming a car into a crowd of people - because he's scared it might alienate his base. I never thought I'd see the day. Trump is dragging the presidency through the gutter.


From: EastofWestAug-13 12:48 PM 
To: gattoclass  (10 of 73) 
 207893.10 in reply to 207893.9 
Me either. And I hate to say it, it's a rational move on his part. White supremacists are his strongest supporters and as he loses the support of everyone else he will need to lean on them to hold onto power. Although it won't be enough.

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