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From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 7:34 AM 
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More updates on Hurricane Harvey: a massive hurricane, and looks like quite a disaster in the making.

Buildings collapse, thousands lose power...
'You will remember this for rest of your life'...

looks like a bad one...


BREAKING!!! Hurricane Harvey Hits Terrible YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!!

hurricane harvey,100
hurricane path,20



HURRICANE HARVEY HITS TEXAS Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 4 as it nears Texas ...

From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 7:39 AM 
To: 346adelpit  (2 of 337) 
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Hope there's no serious damage there where you are...

praying for protection.  I understand the rain&wind will be pretty much continual for 3 to 5 days.

stay safe.





From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 7:48 AM 
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For those who care, or who pray at all: pray for adelpit and his family. I just now found out that they live south of Corpus Christi, Texas.  I won't say where, but I know they are right there in the midst of the main storm surge.

I hope they managed to get out of town. There is a total power outage in nearly ALL of that part of Texas. and it looks to be a 3 to 5 day disaster.


From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 9:02 AM 
To: All  (4 of 337) 
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regular updates here:

continual rain and storm surge biggest damage-problem.


From: mcdonderAug-26 10:21 AM 
To: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)  (5 of 337) 
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Undoubtedly this is God unleashing his fury on the sinners of Texas...

From: mcdonderAug-26 10:22 AM 
To: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)  (6 of 337) 
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<< pray for adelpit and his family. >>

I pray the storm knocks out his internet connection.


From: MisterMF'r (REVCOSMIC49)Aug-26 11:49 AM 
To: mcdonder  (7 of 337) 
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It aint too bad around here but folks down south have it worse......must be more sinnin' going on down in Matagorda.


From: ConneryFan2 DelphiPlus Member IconAug-26 12:08 PM 
To: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)  (8 of 337) 
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still praying for everyone affected by this storm.


From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 1:39 PM 
To: ConneryFan2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 337) 
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you're probably one of the very very few here who knows anything about the power of prayer. thanks.

We hope the initial reports are not as bad as they seem: lots of flooding and property damages.  but it looks like maybe only a few lives are really threatened. I'm waiting on more reports to come in.  everyone has certainly called it, "a monster storm" and a real threat.


From: lenbenhear_and NOW (Spiritest_24)Aug-26 1:43 PM 
To: All  (10 of 337) 
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