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From: Ishmael112Sep-1 7:26 PM 
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In 2012 Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz led the attack on providing emergency relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.   They charged the relief was only pork barrel spending, a waste of taxpayers' hard earned money.   

Now 37,000 homes in Texas have been damaged or destroyed.   Texas citizens who have lost so much need the same kind of emergency aid that New Yorkers and New Jeresians needed a few years ago.   So far Senators Cornyn and Cruz have been silent or at least I haven't heard of any announcements from their offices.  

Shortly before the storm President Trump was threatening to close down the Federal Government if the wall on the Mexican border wasn't funded.   It is a good bet he will not carry out his threat now.   Will Senators Cornyn and Cruz do anything to help their fellow Texans?  Or will they attack emergency aid as pork barrel spending?   We will have to wait and see. 


From: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-2 9:08 AM 
To: Ishmael112  (2 of 41) 
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The sad thing is that Sandy funding was full of pork but there is a time to pick your fights and that was the wrong time.


From: EastofWestSep-2 9:22 AM 
To: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 41) 
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That's a myth/lie. It wasn't full of pork. Texas Republicans just hate east coast liberals and wanted to punish them. Thankfully it seems congressional Democrats are better human beings than the Republicans. But we knew that.

Fact check: Ted Cruz wrong on Hurricane Sandy relief

The Washington Post Fact Checker looked at Cruz’s claim and found little in the Sandy relief bill that could be considered pork-barrel spending, or “local members of Congress spending on their pet projects,” as Cruz also said.


From: Vote out the Repukes in 2018 (1markl78)Sep-2 9:56 AM 
To: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 41) 
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Bull shit Gov. Christie already explained about the Sandy aid.   He's Trump friend and a Republican!!!  It's apparent Trump supporters don't watch the news.  He explained it on Fox News.  DUH  


From: Ishmael112Sep-2 11:16 AM 
To: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 41) 
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WildBill (WILDBILL47) said...

The sad thing is that Sandy funding was full of pork but there is a time to pick your fights and that was the wrong time.

Do you seriously think that the emergency aid for victims of Harvey will be any different?   But I agree this is not the time to start that fight.   


From: EastofWestSep-2 11:24 AM 
To: Vote out the Repukes in 2018 (1markl78)  (6 of 41) 
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Just remember, if they weren't shameless spineless hypocrites, they wouldn't be Republicans.


From: Get Over It; Trump Won (Doc3152)Sep-2 11:53 AM 
To: EastofWest  (7 of 41) 
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The Washington Post checker?



From: EastofWestSep-2 11:55 AM 
To: Get Over It; Trump Won (Doc3152)  (8 of 41) 
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Please present evidence showing otherwise then.


From: jra2750Sep-2 12:25 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (9 of 41) 
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Senators Cruz and Cornyn will approve an aid package for Texas.  Absolutely.  All eyes are on them.  Even if it means shelving the Wall plan.  And there'll be no shutting down the gov't.  

Let's see: what else is on Mr. Trump's plate...oh, yes, The Pardon of Mr. Arpaio and DACA.  We are promised Mr. Trump's answer regarding DACA next Tuesday.  


From: CasparRHSep-2 12:56 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (10 of 41) 
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Meanwhile Sens. Menendez, Booker, Schumer, & Gillibrand have all indicated their support for federal aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey.


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