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From: Afronaut (USBP464)Sep-9 2:48 PM 
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Dad's are always good for a plethora of good advice so its hard to choose just one. Here's are a few of my favorites from the ol' man:

"Your friends are idiots!"

"Your vehicle, your house and everything in it - own all you have and use all you own or discard it."

"Never put your johnson anywhere you wouldn't put your face."

"Debt + debt = broke."

"Only ones who talk shit about the Airborne are those who couldn't be Airborne!"

"We're too young to be grandparents, wrap it before you tap it....everytime. "

"Never tell anyone how much money you make, everything you have or even how educated you are. Jealousy makes people do stupid things."

So what are yours?

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From: CHMEEE1Sep-9 4:31 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (2 of 83) 
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Never hit a man empty handed....

EVERYTHING is a weapon if you're fighting to win.


From: Afronaut (USBP464)Sep-9 4:32 PM 
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Now that is wise advice!

From: odomottoSep-9 5:39 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (4 of 83) 
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Every time you get on that motorcycle, make sure you have your ID, so they'll know where to bring your body.

Always throw the first punch and then keep swinging.

Never step outside. Fight them right there. It'll get broken up faster.


From: Afronaut (USBP464)Sep-9 5:43 PM 
To: odomotto  (5 of 83) 
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Hah, good ones!


From: Peacemaker45Sep-9 5:57 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (6 of 83) 
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The best advice my dad gave me was one word:  DON'T.

"But Dad, she's got..."     DON'T

"But Dad, when she..."     DON'T

"But Dad, she wants..."    DON'T

"Dad, there's this Charger..."   DON'T


From: ArtieChoke2USep-9 7:37 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (7 of 83) 
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"When all else fails, read the instructions."


From: LucidadeSep-9 7:48 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (8 of 83) 
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Afronaut (USBP464) said...

Dad's are always good for a plethora of good advice so its hard to choose just one. Here's are a few of my favorites from the ol' man:

Which Dad?

My Birth Mother's Husband-Man who died 62 days to the hour of my birth (My Dad in name only).

My Birth Mother's Sperm Donor who when I was 12, told me: "Please don't cut my throat. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in Jail."

My Birth Mother's 2nd Husband Man, who tied me to the chair and said, "Family First." (Before he raped my Birth Mother's Daughter. And as he bounced on Dee-Ann said, "Are you Angry Yet. Don't ever tell me again that you don't care about Family Values". and my favorite, "Are you angry yet you piece of $hit?"  (I was age 8).

Age 10: "Why did your mother waste her best seed on the likes of you." He took another drink and went to beat up his wife. I went to the Library where I didn't have to hear her screams; but I did get the Message and I never went to his home again. I went upwind (and to the West), where the noises made by Family Values are not directly related to me.

My Dad who was a Calvinist Missionary who made sure that I was the only Boy Toy to whom he made love: "If I catch you making love with any other Man, I will kill you Pico."  (I was age 5).

Age 10: "Of course I can use your help to get me more Boy-Toys. You can stay in any of the Vacant Units in the Company Housing to do your business. I will make you a list of Boy-Toys. You can pick me the best of the crew. Here. Use this Bango Badge to get anything you need at the Company Store. (CSM: Customer Service Manager). No Taxable Income. No Water or Electric Bills to pay. A Direct connection to the Camp Police: In case a Hawaiian Male needed to be arrested for Child Abuse (or other crimes). A seat at the table at the Board of Directors: AKA as the "County of Maui Board of Supervisors." 

A chance to sit at the "Territory of Hawaii Constitutional Convention" to learn how to write a Territorial Constitution for Hawaii. A Chance to meet John A Burns (The Ex Marine and future 1st Elected Governor of Hawaii). The Man who came to set up the First Civilian Police Department for the County of Maui. 

My Dad, John A (The Jackass) Burns, who told me: "I seriously doubt that you will live past the age of 12, but if you do you have a most "Arresting Personality" and will probably spend the rest of your life in the Territorial Prison that is being built."

My Dad, John (The Jackass) Hall (The Union Organizer that taught me how to Organize a Union for the Workers of Maui who worked in Sugar Cane and Pineapple Fields. The Man I helped to charge with being a "Communist" (We got a Guilty Verdict) during the Strike of 1957-58. The Dad who told me. "Pick a Side, Pico boy. Stop playing all sides against each other. It doesn't matter if the side you pick is "Right or Wrong." *then I punched him in the nuts and I said.

"Don't you mean, Correct or Incorrect"

Than my Dad said to my other Dad, John (The Jackass) Doc, Hill). "It this boy had a brain he would be dangerous."

Then my Dad, (Doc the Jackass Hill) Said, "Put him down. Let go of his neck. Pico boy has a brain and he is very dangerous. Put him down Now!!! We need him more than he needs us. Put him down! Now!"

Doc Hill was my favorite Dad. He held my arms as John the Jackass Hall left the Union Hall. So I had to ask. "Am I dangerous Daddy Jackass?"

"Yea Pico. You are very dangerous." He got down on one knee. He lifted my chin and said: "I hope someday that you can pick a side, a cause to serve. Something that comes from within your soul. When you do, I don't want to be in the opposition. Never forget what you told Uncle Jack Hall. "Correct and Incorrect is so much more special than Right or Wrong. The opposite of Right is Left Over. You told me that Pico Boy. You learned that from that Negro. You are the most Left-Over human I ever met. I am sorry they gunned down your Daddy Pico Boy. I know how much you loved Henry Webb. He told me all about you and what you did to make him whole."

"Henry? Henry was my Daddy?" 

"Yea Pico Boy. You never gave your Daddy a chance. You never let him go. He thought he saved you Pico, but the truth is simple. You saved your Dad from himself. Henry wasn't even looking for a Son when you met him. He was a very angry man who should have gone to jail."
"Pico. A Dad doesn't have to know he's a Dad. A Son doesn't have to know he is a Son. You taught him how to be a Child and he taught you how to be a Grown Up Man."

"But Doc. I don't know what it means to be a Grown Up Man...."

"Boo. Remember that when you grow up. Only Henry called you Boo. You taught me the same thing, but the difference is simple. I am not as sappy as Henry Taylor Webb. He fought to save you, your brothers and sisters because he was angry. Henry died to save his Son. He told you to run at the Valley Pond. A Dad is someone like Henry. Someone ready to give their life for their Son."
"Boo. I know what you did. I know you took his ashes and put them into the cement that was used to build the Wall in Happy Valley. I see you sitting there every day. Boo. Henry Taylor Webb was your Dad. The only man you raised to become a Man."
"Boo. Someday you will have to stand up for yourself. Henry Taylor Webb is inside your soul. I hear you signing that song?"

"That Song?" I tried to get away from Doc Hill.

"Yes boy, "That Song. The Song of that Henry Taylor Webb taught you. He is the man who showed you the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, the whole universe." 

"Fly me to the Moon?"

"Yea. That is the song he sang to warn you that someone was buying your ass on Giggle Hill. I was there boy. I know that Henry taught you to escape. To not participate in what happened to your body. We were all there Boo. Henry Taylor Webb convince John Burns to fight against the System. John made a deal with the Devil to close down Giggle Hill and because there was no Government, to get all of you away from the Military Base. We are not your Dad Boo, we are your Uncles at best. John Burns believed that Henry Taylor Webb wanted your butt. John Burns believed that he was shunning you to protect himself. You picked your own Dad. You stole the Cocaine that got him killed."

"Me? I only wanted... ...I killed my Dad?"

"No Boy. You loved your Dad. He loved you. The only difference is really strange: You were the Adult. Henry was the Kid who never had a Dad. " 

"That is so stupid Doc...."

"No it is not Boo. The Father and Son have something to learn. Henry never had a Dad. You never had a Dad. Neither of you knew how to be someone's son. Henry taught you how to
...[Message truncated]


From: Afronaut (USBP464)Sep-9 8:20 PM 
To: Lucidade  (9 of 83) 
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What the everloving fuck?

I have no fucking words!


From: Ishmael112Sep-9 9:11 PM 
To: Afronaut (USBP464)  (10 of 83) 
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Don't follow the shore.   

Do indoor work.   

Don't work with your hands.   (My dad was a tool and die maker).


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