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From: amytrineSep-13 12:05 PM 
To: All  (1 of 9) 

The crack epidemic, the opioid epidemic.

Both involve highly addictive drugs that have an iron grip on the addict.

The crack epidemic was criminalized, which the opioid epidemic is being treated with extreme compassion.

The crack epidemic was a black problem.

The opioid epidemic is a white problem.

Black addicts should always be treated like criminals.

White addicts, otoh, should never be treated as criminals.



From: 2003 FLHRCI (MAC_MAC) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-13 12:13 PM 
To: amytrine  (2 of 9) 
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Wrong folder, dummy.  Start this crap in the Race folder.


From: Diogenes1Sep-13 2:57 PM 
To: amytrine  (3 of 9) 
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Or maybe it's because opioids are legal.

Think before you spout.


From: CarmanHDSep-13 3:00 PM 
To: Diogenes1  (4 of 9) 
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Why would he start now?


From: numerianSep-13 10:00 PM 
To: amytrine  (5 of 9) 
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What a crock of shit --- you wouldn't know actual racism if it bit you in the ass.

Reality is that Democrats have erected invisible apartheid walls to insulate themselves and their overseers from poor black people. They were too smart to do it out in the open. So, they went through the back door and erected barriers using regulations, permits and environmental rules that caused the prices of the houses in and around their gated communities to go to the moon.

Now, poor black can't even live in the same area codes as those blueblood Democrats do. In fact, poor black people have to live several area codes away from the Democrat bluebloods. Those barriers are far more effective than barbed wire and they're completely invisible and free from political challenge, not that the media would ever point out the the richest zip codes all vote blue.

In some areas, like California, Democrats are trying to get poor black people to leave the state by making it too expensive to live there and giving all the jobs and privileges to illegal aliens.

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From: amytrineSep-14 1:00 AM 
To: numerian  (6 of 9) 
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Nowadays, the poor opioid addicts are suffering, and therefor must needs be coddled and healed.

And all happen to be white.

Back in the day, all crack addicts are felons and therefor must needs be punished.

And all crack addicts happen to be black.

The anti-crack laws were all generated by Republicans.

Crack was hyper-criminalized by the Republicans.

Most opioid addicts happen to populate Republican states.


From: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-14 9:35 AM 
To: amytrine unread  (7 of 9) 
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Actually the two are nothing alike, the opioid epidemic came most from the advent of newer pain killers before anyone knew how addictive they could be, most in the epidemic started out with legit prescriptions for legit injuries, doctors were giving them out like candy, a lot of speed in the 50's and early 60's.

Crack started out at a cheap alternative street drug and still is to this day. Crack was and is surrounded with crime and violence, and by crime I do not mean the crime related to buying and using the drug. Most of the opioid users are about self-destruction and impact on their families and friends.  

We have sunk billions and billions into addressing illegal drugs and have lost billions more in the crimes related to it.

The approach to dealing with it has nothing to do with black people, white people caught using, buying, selling crack are subject to the exact same punishment as black people, there is no way to become legally addicted to crack, there is no legal way in any form to get crack from a doctor and never has been. This is not true for opioids, they are prescribed by doctors and that is how most got hooked on it, like speed this really caught the medical profession off guard, much like speed did decades ago.


From: numerianSep-16 8:50 AM 
To: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 9) 
 208442.8 in reply to 208442.7 

With a foaming at the mouth racist like Amytrine using facts and logic is fairly pointless: he HATES all white people as much (more?) than a Klansman hates blacks and Jews. And anti-white racism of this sort is now the default position of the Democratic Party, it should be observed.

You might as well be talking to a stump.


From: WildBill (WILDBILL47) DelphiPlus Member IconSep-16 5:45 PM 
To: numerian  (9 of 9) 
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It seems that way, just thought I would give it another try.


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