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Walgreens to pay $2M fine for overcharging customers, selling expired baby formula

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Walgreens has agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle a civil suit alleging the pharmacy chain cheated customers by not honoring sales prices and endangered them by selling expired infant formula at stores throughout the Bay Area.Prosecutors say customers were charged more than the lowest sale price for certain items. The pricing improprieties were discovered during routine inspections by local Weights and Measures offices.No word exactly how many customers were affected, so there is no restitution being offered as of now.In addition, Walgreens violated state law by failing to pull infant formula, baby food and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs when they expired.The pharmacy chain, which admits no wrongdoing, will pay $2,250,000 in civil penalties and costs to settle the allegations. Walgreens has more than 600 stores in California.




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Related ... this story from last year...

Lawsuit alleges Walgreens overcharges customers with insurance ...

Chicago Tribune-Aug 9, 2017

A California man is suing Walgreens Boots Alliance, accusing it of profiting by charging customers with insurance more for generic drugs than what they would have paid if they had not presented an insurance card. David Grabstald filed the proposed class-action lawsuit in federal court in Illinois




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From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/12/18 6:03 PM 
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The recent California case of Walgreens ripping off customers is not unique.

Two years ago they were heavily fined in NY for the same illegal conduct:

Walgreens, Duane Reade To Pay $500000 For Overcharging ...

The Consumerist-Apr 21, 2016

When you see a “sale” price on a store shelf, you expect to pay that price at the register. When you see something marked as a “Great Buy,” you might believe that it’s been discounted. And when a store advertises a “Last Chance” or “Clearance” sale, you probably have reason to think that those items won’t be in stock much longer. But Walgreens — and its subsidiary Duane Reade — have different ways of thinking about the above scenarios, and it’s gotten them into trouble with the state of New York.  This morning, NY state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement with the national drugstore chain over a variety of its policies that resulted in misled and overcharged shoppers.Between Walgeens and Duane Reade stores, the company operates more than 450 stores in New York. According to Schneiderman’s office, these stores were charging different prices at the register than they advertised in print and on shelf tags. Some Walgreens stores were leaving up these sale-price shelf tags after the discounted price had already expired. If the shopper didn’t pay attention at the register, they would end up being paying more than they expected.Walgreens also flagged items as “Smart Buy” or “Great Buy” even though the prices on these products was no less than the retail price Walgreens regularly charged.




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From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/12/18 6:04 PM 
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The moral: never shop at Walgreens, or if you must, price check every item carefully to avoid them cheating you.




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From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/12/18 6:06 PM 
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And the 2016 and 2018 cases are NOT the first time...

"A number of the problems turned up by Schneiderman’s investigation are similar to the results of this 2013 report from Change to Win, which found mislabeled products, out-of-stock items, and inaccurate signs at a number of Walgreens stores around the country. "




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