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From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/16/00 9:21 PM 
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Should marijuana be legalized?
YES: Completely legalize
YES: Legalize medical use only
Decriminalize use, but don't legalize
NO: Keep criminal penalties
Undecided or I don't know

720 people have voted so far


From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/16/00 9:24 PM 
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It's a hot election year issue. Now we give you a chance to express
your opinion.

Millions of Americans have been prosecuted for it. The President and Vice President have used it. What do you think? Should we legalize marijuana? Decriminalize it? Or keep jailing people and keep it illegal?

From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/16/00 11:28 PM 
To: All Poll  (3 of 1924) 
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75 years ago, our country tried to ban alcohol, and Al Capone and others took advantage to build a crime network that survives to this day.

Today, nearly a million Americans are in jail or under sentences, at a cost in the tens of billions of dollars a year in jail and police costs, to try Prohibition II.

All that making drugs illegal has done has been:

- To fill our jails to a point where violent criminals are
released early

- To drive up the cost of drugs, forcing addicts to steal to
pay for drugs. It is estimated that over half of car thefts
and burglaries are to get drug money

- It has made criminals out of good people. Many well known
Americans have admitted to marijuana use - ranging from Al
Gore to Newt Gingrich to Bill Clinton to William Buckley

- It has put people in the hospital as adulterated marijuana
may be spiked with more dangerous drugs or full of herbicides

- It has limited the medical use of marijuana by many who would
benefit from it.

The time has come to legalize (and regulate) marijuana.


From: IndiKris (KP980808518) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/16/00 11:48 PM 
To: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (4 of 1924) 
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I feel that legalizing and regulating Marijuana will be the only solution to a lot of problems. Once that is done, the high profits that growers get now will deminish.....Less people in our already over crowded prisons, and people who need the weed for medicinal purposes can use it with out worring about being hauled off to jail. Would also let Law Enforcement concentrate more on far worse crimes.

Maybe some day we'll see it happen. I hope!

Chief Assist. Manager


From: DOREEN24410/16/00 11:52 PM 
To: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (5 of 1924) 
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Quite frankly I am surprised you both agree to legalize it. But what do you mean by regulate?

I'd hate to see people smoking pot while driving, working heavy equipment, nurses - wouldn't that put others lives in jeopardy?

From: Tom6 (ritchtw) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/17/00 12:01 AM 
To: DOREEN244 Poll  (6 of 1924) 
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The trouble with drug addicts is they use it anytime anywhere they want. Because they are addicted, they will risk thier lifes for it.

From: Glen (GEAATL)Manager - Law/Medical/South (lawoffice2)10/17/00 12:10 AM 
To: DOREEN244 Poll  (7 of 1924) 
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Legalizing doesn't mean letting people drive under the influence (although that happens now). Laws about sales to minors and DUI/drugs would of course stay, as would laws about being high/drunk at work.

I think you will find that most Judges who are honest agree with me.
The conservative US Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner is a leading proponent of legalization.

The war on drugs has doubled the national burglary and car theft rate and is responsible for much of the murder rate. Eliminate the illegal trade and the price would plummet and the need to steal declines.

Additionally, with so many pot smokers in jail, we are having to release rapists, killers, armed robbers and other violent people early.

The war on drugs isn't working. A third to a half of adults have at least tried marijuana. It's less dangerous to others than alcohol. That doesn't make it good - but it isn't something people belong in jail for.

From: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/17/00 12:15 AM 
To: Tom6 (ritchtw) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (8 of 1924) 
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Early results in the poll:

Should marijuana be legalized?

YES: Completely legalize
7 votes (70%)

YES: Legalize medical use only
2 votes (20%)

Decriminalize use, but don't legalize
0 votes (0%)

NO: Keep criminal penalties
1 votes (10%)

Undecided or I don't know
0 votes (0%)

10 people have voted so far


From: msemmi DelphiPlus Member Icon10/17/00 3:59 AM 
To: Glen (GEAATL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (9 of 1924) 
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I voted for medical use only. When I was younger I might have voted differently.


Edited 10/17/00 4:00:51 AM ET by MSEMMI

From: ANNW310/17/00 9:01 AM 
To: DOREEN244 Poll  (10 of 1924) 
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Unfortunately, people *already* drive, use heavy machinery, and so on, while "under the influence" of pot, and/or alcohol, and/or other drugs. I personally don't think the risks will be any greater...and if it is regulated as alcohol is regulated there would be some control, but it surely would free up our prison system!

And there is another, related issue: agricultural hemp cannot now be legally grown in this country, either -- it is too similar to the marijuana plant. And there are *lots* of uses for agricultural hemp, a real market for it, not now being used here. This could benefit a lot of farmers because hemp can be grown in soils not suited for other kinds of "cash crops".

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