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Crawlspace Deluxe   Peryton Publishing

Started Jan-11 by alllismom3; 176 views.

From: alllismom3


Just bought the game at drivethrurpg. Really like what I've read so far. Can't wait to get it to the table with Terror Hog. I do have a couple of questions, though. I didn't see anywhere in the rules when/ how often players can/ allowed shuffle their deck- or doesn't it matter? Also looking at the math is there any reason why the GM would assign an difficulty rating higher than 6? A six rating would make almost any pull from the deck a success. Any advice would be appreciated.


Glad to hear you're happy with it! I told Tom about this so, hopefully, he'll be joining in later.

I believe Crawlspace Deluxe handwaves the shuffling to "whenever." The rules in TerrorHog and Crawlspace 21 specify that everybody shuffles at the end of each Act. It's on page 6 in TerrorHog, just before the combat section. An Act is a story-based period set either by GM's fiat or the adventure. 

One reason a difficulty might be set higher than six would be to take ongoing penalties into account. Each step along the Freakout track, for example, makes Nerve draws one step harder. Also, even a ridiculously easy draw doesn't negate the possibility of a critical failure. 

I hope that's helpful. Like I said, Tom may have additional thoughts. When you do get to the table, I'd love to hear how it went!

Laggy (Lagash_Kat)

From: Laggy (Lagash_Kat)


Hi Alllismom3 (can I just call you Allismom?) There is always the Ace of Spades which is an automatic failure, and there is the Critical Failure of drawing the same exact card as the Character's Stat. You are right though there isn't a reason for the GM to assign a 6 card draw, except for humorous effect-- imagine someone failing a 6 Draw. The table of course will be laughing with them. Without being over explanatory Crawspace takes theatricality in RPG sessions to that level easier than most systems.

Peryton mentions handwaving, which hasn't happened that often during the sessions I've ran or participated in. She's been to like 190 herself and ran a handful, I've never seen her do it either. Of course different GMs will handle things differently, like say, more than 5 Damage Cards. These differences refelct the "director's take" on the paradigm of the movie that they're making.

I hate hearing myself say that second paragraph, but it's true.


From: alllismom3


Thank you both for your responses, they were both insightful. Reading the rulebook and running it are 2 different things, I appreciate the thoughts of those you have run and played in hundreds of sessions. I didn't read the rules overview in Terror Hog(went straight to the adventure), as I thought they were just a quick summary of what was in Deluxe. I didn't realize 21 and Over was the latest ruleset- does it replace Deluxe? Are there any significant changes I should be aware of?


  • Edited January 12, 2023 2:28 pm  by  alllismom3

They're pretty much the same, but a few differences crept in. Here's what happened:

Deluxe came out first. It was entirely Tom's baby and a bunch of supplements were made for it. When I made TerrorHog, I wanted it to be able to introduce Crawlspace to new people, so I wrote up a condensed version of the rules. I cut some things and ended up adding a few things just because I couldn't help myself. 

Some people liked the rules in TerrorHog and wanted to run campaigns with it, but one of the things I cut was character creation (because it was a one-shot with the characters already made). So we put together Crawlspace: 21 and Over, to provide a full-service version of the rules, the way they were presented in TerrorHog. 

I think you'll be fine using Deluxe with TerrorHog.


From: alllismom3


Great info, thank you. There isn't alot out there, in the usual places, about this game- play session, reviews, ect. Which is a shame as I think it fits in with the current crop of rules lite/ narrative games.