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Welcome to The Industry

Started Nov-26 by Bill Condie (PBG); 209 views.
Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


I'm excited to get things rolling in The Industry Forum on DelphiForums. I am a returnee from way back who can't stand FaceBook.

At a time when everyone seems to be bemoaning the lack of good movies, I 've just seen three and want to talk about them.

My Three: The Irishman, The Band's Visit, and The Good Liar (which most critics hated.)

Have Fun!

Bill Condie (PBG)


From: Marypickford


I've only seen one of them, the Irishman.

It was well acted, had a good pace, and was well directed, with a real message. Its amazing how a certain kind of good acting never gets old!

As for the pacing and script, excellent! I never once looked at my watch or felt a scene was un-necessary.

"I hear you paint houses"

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


...''and a little carpentry"

It didn't lag at all!

a great slice  of history

Any idea who played the priest?  Couldn't  find him in the cast. Someone suggested he was a real priest playing incognito.

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Thank you!!!!

Jonathan Morris ... Assisted Living Priest
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Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Parochial vicar of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City and a member of the Legion of Christ, a Catholic religious congregation. See more »

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Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


More Irishman trivia. 

The young priest giving the Irishman The Last Rites is Jonathan Morris, Fox News religion correspondent and Former Parochial vicar of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York City See full bio »
Incidentally many members of New York's ethnic Italian movie legends went to old St Pat's as young men.

How's that for casting!!!