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Autumn Equinox event   Discussions

Started Oct-1 by Dana P. Jacobson (DPJ); 160 views.


Okay, so this one wasn't the most exciting event that Niantic has put on.  Yes, it was nice to get double the amount of Stardust
when catching a Pokemon or hatching an egg.  However, the part of this event that I was most looking forward to was finding
2k eggs and hatching them into some less-than-common Pokemon.  I didn't come across a single 2k egg during this event!
And, I hatched quite a few eggs in the hopes that the next egg that I got at a PokeStop would be a 2k.  Nope, never happened!
I got quite a few 10k eggs, though.  I even broke down and purchased one of those special deal packages that gave me three
Super Incubators.  I got them in the hopes of being able to quickly hatch 2k eggs in order to get more to hatch.  Nope.  I
started using those special incubators on the 10k eggs because time was running out on the event.  So, for me, this wasn't
a particularly worthwhile event other than the additional Stardust.

On the "plus" side of sorts, I did do a lot of gym activity.  Forget the raids - I got smoked every time I tried one - usually a
Level 2 one!  So I just took down a number of gyms and joined others where it was being defended by my team Valor.
As mentioned before, it's too bad we can only gain 50 PokeCoins a day because many of my Pokemon "returned"
empty-handed because I had already reached my limit.  I still have one defender out in the field after 4 days!!  I have
no idea why that particular gym hasn't fallen to an attack - all 6 defenders are almost depleted and have been that way
since the first day!

So, what's next Niantic?  Rumors are out there that there will be another Halloween event this year.  we'll see.  I'd
still like to see a way that those of us who haven't found the means to take part in the Legendaries Raids have a way
to get them.  Meanwhile, I keep trying to find a few less common monsters in order to be able to evolve some.  I'm at
the 217 mark (231 seen).  I'm about 130k from reaching Level 33.  I haven't seen a "new" Pokemon except when I've managed
to evolve into one that I've needed to fill my Pokedex.  That's one reason why I started doing more gym battles because
it's been fairly boring with nothing new going on.  I just keep trying to level up, gain some more coins, and power up
some of my monsters.  <sigh>


From: Cstar1


Thanks for the report on this event. Hopefully Halloween will bring something more exciting. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

There are a number of rumors, with nothing confirmed other than there will be
a Halloween "event" near the end of the month.  Probably similar to last year's
event, but perhaps with a little more.  One rumor suggests that Tier 3 Pokemon
(or perhaps a "sampling") will be released at that time.

I finally obtained a 2k egg - days after this recent event was over.  No idea what
may be waiting to be hatched, but I hope it's something that I can "use" for a
change!  Trudging along....


From: Cstar1


In reply toRe: msg 4

Read that article, and the ensuing comments from some readers - worthless article, indeed!
The headlines implied some news, but nothing but a repeat of what's been said before, and
no details as was implied.  Wow!


From: Cstar1


Yeah, well, it was the Sun. I have to admit, I didn't look very hard. :)

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I know, a lot of theses articles are more opinion than factual pieces.  I look around on occasion to see
if there are any updates that are worthwhile, but most are from authors/players who are making
suggestions.  They'll find tidbits online from the likes of Silph Road and repeat what's been "discovered"
in the code, and make assumptions (sometimes correctly).

In reply toRe: msg 4

Well, the Halloween event started earlier tonight, without any real notice.  I happened to notice a couple of silhouettes on my
radar - a couple that I couldn't recognize without looking up a chart of various tiers of Pokemon.  Turns out that the two that
I saw were Tier 3 ghosts, so I checked online to see what was happening.  Turns out that 5 Tier 3 Pokemon have been released
for the Halloween event.  So far, I've captured three of them (2 can be evolved).  I've caught a total of 6 of them so far.  Also enabled
in this event is double candy wherever candy is involved (capture, evolve, hatching, etc.), so that's another plus.  Some of the Pokemon
from last year's Halloween event are more plentiful again, plus some other "scary" Pokemon have been let loose again in more
quantity (Houndour, etc.).  It's a start - no word on when the rest of the Tier 3 monsters will be released, or which ones.  Looks like
like it's time to make room in order to accumulate more monsters!

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


This has been teased for the past week (or more). In addition to double candy on capture, the amount of distance needed for your Buddy to gain a candy is cut in half.  There are also the special boxes on sale, again too. The rest of the Gen 3 Pokemon will be released in waves to December, supposedly.

Also, there is a Pikachu with a witch hat running around, as well. And one of the Gen 3 Pokemon, Sableye is also available in a shiny variant. 

I haven't read, but I assume that if you evolve a Pikachu with a witch hat you'll get a Raichu with a witch hat. :)

Yes, the teasers have been out for awhile now, but it's currently a reality.  Yes, this morning I discovered that the Buddy distance was halved.
That's a nice touch because I'm trying to evolve my Grimer to Muk; and it has a bit to go!  The special boxes of items is a nice touch, but probably
a little more than I'd care to dole out for one.  I haven't heard anything definitive about the rest of the Tier 3 monsters being released; I have
seen quite a bit of speculation, however.  It would be nice if Niantic upped every player's Pokemon storage capacity to accommodate the new
batch, but I don't think it will happen.

Yes, therfe is Pikachu wearing a witches hat (I've caught a couple already).  And yes, evolving one will result in Raichu wedaring the same hat,
as has occurred in similar events in the past.  I haven't come across any Shiny Pokemon yet, so have no idea as to what to expect with one.
I hope I don't transfer one by mistake!

So far, I've captured the three new ghosts, and evolved a couple of Duskulls to Dusclops.    Shuppet is close to being evolved.  Sable cannot
be evolved (at least not at the moment).  I'm rounding up a bunch of Houndours to evolve and power up.  And meanwhile, I'm still looking
for a few remaining Gen 1 and Gen 2 monsters.  Nothing as far as the Legendaries are concerned, though!