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Pokemon Go Teams with Starbucks   News!

Started Dec-8 by Cstar1; 474 views.

From: Cstar1


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Pokémon Go is officially teaming with Starbucks

And, there has also been mention that there may be a teaming-up with Sprint locations.
Also, there reportedly will be a new special event coming this next Monday.  There have
been rumors that more Pokemon will be "released" (similarly to Ditto?) and/or the 2nd
generation of Pokemon being released.  While I'm certainly looking forward to a new generation
of Pokemon, I wish that Niantic would make the more "rare" current batch accessible.  I'm
currently "stuck" at 108 Pokemon registered, trying to build up some candy in order to
evolve a few Pokemon, or hope that I'll hatch a 5k or 10k egg with a "new" Pokemon to
add to my list.  And, being able to trade would be a nice touch - something that's been
mentioned quite often these past few months!



From: Cstar1


I'm pretty confused as to why they habent already introduced trading. Unless theyre worried about not being able to control any resulting black market?

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I'm not sure as to why the delay, as well.  One thing I've been trying to figure
out is how the transaction will be accomplished.  I can see potential problems
during the process, so it's got to be a mechanism that will be a failsafe.


From: Cstar1


Maybe that's why the delay. They can't figure out how to make it work without black market or fraud. 

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I think - and I could be way off! - that it would have to be a mechanism that is directly part of the game itself.
Each player/trader would have to select the Pokemon that they want to trade, "mark" it somehow within some
sort of trade portion of the game (newly incorporated, naturally), and once both traders have done that, the players
select a trade button.  Once the game recognizes a legitimate trade, the game pushes it through and the trade is

I was thinking earlier that perhaps via e-mail or some other external mechanism, but I saw too much potential
for things to go awry.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what, if anything, Niantic comes up with here.


From: Cstar1


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"Pokemon Go leak hints at massive Starbucks partnership and possibly a new creature"

I can't vouch for the Starbucks or Sprint portion of the announcement, but I can tell you that
no update was made available today.   The "big" news is that Niantic has released a handful
of 2nd Generation Pokemon, but you cannot capture them in the wild; you need to hatch them
from eggs!!  There's also supposed to be a "limited edition" Pikachu wearing a Santa hat that
can be found (captured?).

The two 2nd Gen Pokemon that were mentioned were Pichu (a baby Pikachu) #172 and
Togepi #175.  I get the impression that a "handful" should be taken literally, but I guess
we'll have to wait and see which ones get mentioned.

So much for all of the excitement; it's certainly a major letdown as far as I'm concerned!


From: Cstar1


Seems like Niantic is really missing the mark. They ought to be making regularly scheduled new feature and creature releases, with surprises thrown in every once in a while. They need to keep building excitement about the game, and they're not doing as good a job at that as they could be. 

I agree with you 100%.  This "update" was exciting news, but perhaps over-hyped by those covering
the news.  I certainly expected more after reading that 2nd Gen Pokemon would be released.  To learn
that the only way to the newly-released creatures is via hatching eggs is ridiculous.  For Niantic, it's solely
a money-making scheme (getting players to purchase incubators in the hopes of hatching some 2nd Gen
Pokemon).  And, the "Santa-hat" Pikachu is likely very rare - who knows how many players will actually find one?
If Niantic is smart, they'll up the ante and have a really great holiday update very soon, similar to the
Halloween update, with even more - simply due to the holiday season.  I guess we'll see what happens.
I have a few "new" eggs, so I guess I'll have to see what gets hatched in the near future.  It's too cold here
in the Northeast to be walking around in the attempt to hatch eggs!!  When I'm in the car, I leave the game
running, but that mode is unpredictable when it comes to racking up distance that the game recognizes.

Yes, they missed the boat with this one, IMO.