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Finnish Migration Agency   Current events

Started 8-Aug by Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost); 210 views.

Finland has never before had as many asylum seekers as now, figures from the Finnish Migration Agency show. In total, Finland currently has 37,000 asylum seekers. The majority of them, 35,000 people, come from Ukraine, writes Swedish Yle.

In Finland, Ukrainian citizens cannot apply for asylum but for temporary protection.

Finland har aldrig tidigare haft så många skyddssökande som nu, visar siffror från det finska Migrationsverket. Totalt har Finland 37 000 skyddssökande just nu. Huvuddelen av dem, 35 000 personer, kommer från Ukraina, skriver svenska Yle.

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I Finland kan ukrainska medborgare inte ansöka om asyl utan om tillfälligt skydd.

En tredjedel av dem som kommit till Finland från Ukraina är barn. Flertalet av dem har flytt tillsammans med sina mammor. Nästan 95 procent av dem som har sökt skydd har fått ett positivt beslut på sin ansökan.

Trots att så många söker skydd i Finland tar det ungefär en vecka att få ett beslut om tillfälligt skydd.

Det tidigare rekordet på 32 000 asylsökande var år 2015

Rekordmånga söker skydd i Finland



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Rekordmånga personer i Migris mottagningssystem – 35 000 ukrainare har sökt om tillfälligt skydd.

Migris mottagningssystem har aldrig tidigare haft så många klienter som man har just nu. 37 000 människor finns nu i systemet, av dem är största delen ukrainare.

I början av augusti hade över 35 000 människor sökt om tillfälligt skydd i Finland efter att ha flytt Ukraina. Senast mottagningssystemet blev närapå lika belastat var år 2015, då Finland tog emot 32 000 asylansökningar.

Publicerad 08.08.2022 11:01.


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Finland to boost security at Russia border with amended law

HELSINKI (AP) -- Finland’s Parliament on Thursday passed amended legislation on border security that allows for the closure of crossing points with Russia amid fears that Moscow could choose to send large numbers of migrants to the frontier. The move by lawmakers came just two days after NATO's 30 members signed formal accession protocols for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance — an outcome that has angered Russia. The two Nordic nations' membership bids were approved at a NATO summit at the end of June in Madrid.


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ADDLER (DitmarP)

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Finland and Estonia urge EU to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians

Helsinki says Russians are entering the country and then using its airports to fly elsewhere in the bloc

The prime ministers of Estonia and Finland have called on the EU to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians in an attempt to open up a new sanctions front following Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Finland -- which, like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, shares a border with western Russia ---  has noted an uptick in Russian tourists entering the country often on visas from other EU countries and then using its airports to fly elsewhere in the bloc through the Schengen free travel area.


The them all back with an army to eliminate the RUSSIAN INTRUDERS! 

Disturbing and confusing every culture in the world, this is what WARS are about!

A lot of people know that we are into WWIII but this one won't be seen as such! 

I'm glad you got the English version up and running here, thank you! 

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That is only the tip of the Iceberg!