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From: auntmolly (MARYLUNA)10/26/04 11:02 AM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (101 of 119) 
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Well for one thing, working with an expert probably saved me YEARS of experimentation.

Also, working with a teacher who encourages creativity as well as diligent practices and a broad range of techniques (including finishing) left me well prepared and ready to express myself.

Mary T. 8-)

Aunt Molly's Bead Street

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From: Waywhy10/26/04 11:03 AM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (102 of 119) 
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When I didn't give up!

From: DancinJules DelphiPlus Member Icon10/26/04 3:23 PM 
To: desireem1  (103 of 119) 
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Oh, you explained that soooo well Desiree!  These are all realizations and qualities that apply when we are learning anything new, I think.  So much of this applies to why I've chosen to homeschool my kids, as well as the philosophy I have when teaching dance and acting, also!



From: jkclements10/26/04 4:12 PM 
To: PatOsmundsen DelphiPlus Member Icon  (104 of 119) 
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I just wanted to add that my PC worked improved when I met Pat on the About Jewelry Making forum. I was interested in making my own beads and was researching polymer clay. I asked a question about polymer clay and Pat directed me to this forum. I know I have not been a member long, but I have learned so much in a short time thanks to everyone here. THANKS PAT!!!!!



From: PatOsmundsen DelphiPlus Member Icon10/26/04 4:17 PM 
To: jkclements  (105 of 119) 
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You are soooo welcome, Jen.  This is the best place for learning about pc; everyone shares what they can when they can, and it's seldom indeed that a question goes unanswered for long.

I'm so glad I could point you in the right direction ... has some wonderful people, and great forums, but they just aren't big on polymer clay.  This is my favorite little corner of the online world ... well, and pcj, of course.  <g>



From: desireem110/26/04 7:59 PM 
To: DancinJules DelphiPlus Member Icon  (106 of 119) 
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Thanks, Jules.

Home schooling. Wow! How empowered is that! I know if I had kids, I would be doing the same thing. I used to tutor illiterate adults and discovered how frighteningly easy it is for students to make it through the standard education system and graduate high school without know how to read, write, or do math. (Well, the math part I can understand; at 49, I'm still learning... ;-)

I think your kids are extremely fortunate since it sounds like you can provide them a very well rounded education, something I hear the schools can't easily afford these days.


To view my polymer clay galleries and lessons, you're invited to visit my website:

From: AluraCeleste10/26/04 10:56 PM 
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I improved when I gave myself permission not to like somthing I did, and also not to have to finish it in one sitting. I think in the beginning i was after immediate gratification, and this site helped me see that good things come to those who are willing to put in hours of work. Also the standards it seems: getting a PM, switching from sculpey3 to premo, and joing PCC. I've been so inspired, wowed, and moved by the posts that I have read here. Learning from everyone here has been an absolute honor, and I thank everyone for sharing their clay brains in text format :) Jenn

From: Sus (tutudada)10/27/04 10:58 AM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (108 of 119) 
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There's a class in Philly in a few weeks?? Is it a guild mtg?
Sus An Adirondack Mt.Woman

From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/27/04 12:23 PM 
To: Sus (tutudada)  (109 of 119) 
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SL Savarick...  $145.  Email me if you want to sign up <s>

The Philadelphia Polymer Clay Guild Presents

a Master Class and Lecture by  Polymer Clay Artist SL Savarick



Friday, November 12 7:00 pm Lets Create!  455 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Finding Your Voice. Building a Cohesive Body of Work, An Artist's Approach.
Lecture and slide presentaton.  Free admission to Guild members and Guests



Two Day Master Class Saturday and Sunday November 13 & 14

Textile Surface Design Techniques for Polymer Clay Artists

 Dyes, Resists, Discharge and More.



From: SkyGrazer (CASherman1)10/27/04 12:41 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (110 of 119) 
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-When I switched to Premo instead of the sticky soft SculpeyIII I had been using
-When I went online and started reading every tutorial I could find
-When I read Katherine Dewey's book on sculpting animals
-When I gave myself permission to fail and tackle things which might be just a little beyond my ability


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