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From: Guest4/7/08 10:44 AM 
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Hi, I am new here and new to sculpting. I bought premo clay for my kids to make things, and next thing I knew, I am making my daughter in her communion dress for her cake!

I am kind of lost though. I have her arms, shoulders, neck and dress done. She is holding a small bible in her hands. The dress is solid clay, I am still trying to figure out how to make her lips and eyes, I have her nose done.

My question is about baking. How do I bake it without burning the smaller pieces? I am so worried that her arms will burn because her body/dress needs to bake longer then her head, arms and bible...any help will be appreciated!

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From: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host4/7/08 10:57 AM 
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Be sure to use an oven thermometer so you know the true temperature inside whatever oven you are using, then try "tenting" your piece with some aluminum foil (sort of like "tenting" a turkey when baking - so the top doesn't get too toasty)....    this should do the trick...  :)

From: Guest4/7/08 11:07 AM 
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Thanks...I have one more question...if i bake just the biody/dress until it is almost done, could i then add the arms, head etc... and then bake it the rest of the way? Would I be able toa attach it all? sorry for bothering you!~

From: Glori30 DelphiPlus Member Icon4/7/08 11:53 AM 
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You could bake it completely, and then add more.  Repeated bakings won't hurt it, I have forgotten pieces in the oven all night, gotten them out the next morning and they are fine.


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From: Chris (rutterc) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/7/08 12:39 PM 
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Kristina, you can bake the sculpture in parts without any problem (so long as your oven keeps a consistent temp). I did my anniversary couple in many bakings... first the two bodies without any clothes or heads... then the heads with facial features... then put all body parts together for another bake... then started cutting out clay clothes and placing them on the bodies... for a final bake. If it doesn't turn out perfect, that's ok... you will learn so much along the way. Good luck! :)

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