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From: Excelsior7 DelphiPlus Member Icon4/25/08 1:17 PM 
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I am new to clay sculpting, I do very well in the build up process, but cant seem to really het it as smooth as I want. Someone suggested raking the clay and well here I am.


I am interested in learning more about smoothing clay and raking it. Particulary raking - If anyone has a good technique they can share with me or any advice I would be very grateful. I am having a hard time picking it up.

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From: Piptwinn4/25/08 2:27 PM 
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I sculpt alot latley.. never heard of raking clay. I use the palm or heal of my hand to round and smooth the back of heads, evens out the clay, does a good job for me. I use the side of my thumb to smooth other areas, or a clay shaper. I dont leave any fingerprints using the side of my thumb, but the clay shaper can get into much smaller places. Im interested to see what is said about the raking technique....



From: froggie (kadewey)4/25/08 3:37 PM 
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Raking clay means using a toothed rake (think ribbon tool with grooves) to knock back and scrape away excess clay.  I use homemade rakes made from guitar strings and have another made from a jeweler's saw, both made with the wires bent (with heat) and squared off U shape.  The tips were inserted into tubing and secured with epoxy.  Here's Pete Konig's famous creature tutorial on Concept Art:

From armature to texture all done with SS (Super Sculpey tinted with black and white to make it gray, easier to see flaws).  He uses  a homemade jeweler's saw rake to help establish the essential forms.  It takes a light repetitive touch with a cross hatching stroke to achieve a smooth surface.  Follow up with a soft brush and alcohol.  91% works best. 

Hope this helps,
Katherine Dewey, aka da frog     


From: Excelsior7 DelphiPlus Member Icon4/25/08 4:23 PM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (4 of 4) 
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Thank you so much, I will be posting some stuff soon for critique.


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