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From: froggie (kadewey)9/3/08 3:27 PM 
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I'm not all that fond of the clay (it's too soft for me),but Studio by Sculpey has some new double ended tools and I gotta tell ya I can recommend every set, especially the "Style and Detail".  If you're in the need of a large ball stylus set (nothing's better for outlining muscle and that medial groove down the back), they've got it.  Each of the three has pretty useful silicone tip on the opposite end.  These are so much better than my ball bearings glued to a tubes and are lighter weight than any dapping tools set in handles.  The "Cool Tool Variety Set" has a basic 'banana' tool, a sharp needle tool and a doubled ended large and small stylus for gentle detailing.  The "Etch and Pearl Set" has three tools, each with a concave tip (they make eye balls as far as I'm concerned) and tapered opposing end for scribing.  The smooth shafts are very nice for pivot and rolling strokes.   Now, if I could get them to make a set of concave oval tools for easy eye modeling with an appropriately scaled fingernail tool on the other end, I'd be really happy.

da frog, aka Katherine Dewey

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From: TbyTrina9/3/08 6:46 PM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (2 of 11) 
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Yes, I love those ball stylus tools. The clay seems to not be as popular as Polyform would have liked but most of the tools are neat. We have two guild members who took or were taken by the certification and getting all the tools was the high point.



From: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/08 6:56 PM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (3 of 11) 
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Yes, I bought most of the tool sets and all of the textures. The texture sheets are so nice, very deep impressions and flexible to boot. I passed up the clay though as I have not heard one thing that recommended it over Premo, which is still my basic clay.

From: SherryBinNH9/4/08 2:21 PM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (4 of 11) 
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>>Now, if I could get them to make a set of concave oval tools for easy eye modeling with an >>appropriately scaled fingernail tool on the other end, I'd be really happy.

Keep trying -- you, of all people, might have the clout -- just point them to your books and mention your students and fans! (There would be a market there!) (Of course, Donna Dewberry might not have a use for them!)

I like those tools, too -- but not the clay and not their blades.

Sherry Bailey


From: MikeNY9119/5/08 2:29 AM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (5 of 11) 
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Oh no! Just when I thought I couldn't possibly need another tool ... I had to order your recommendations! And thanks for posting this on payday!




From: SpookyT (MystyrX) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/08 12:17 PM 
To: froggie (kadewey)  (6 of 11) 
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Heh, in demos and stuff I have been referring to the 'etch and pearl' set as 'my eyeball skewers.'  I also agree with you about the need for scaled fingernail tools.  One can, of course, make them... but it would be a lot easier.  I also really like the big ball stylus set.  I don't, however, like the other end of them.  The seams and sprue divots really bother me. 

One thing that the big ball stylii do very well is the inside of ears.  Depending on scale the bigger ones make the initial hollow like a dream, then go smaller for the detailing. 



From: mlatham239/7/08 6:58 PM 
To: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 11) 
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I got 2 of the textures and the little leaves on a vine, is ok but the veins for marble just gets gummed up with clay.  The patterns are nice but the material they are made out of doesn't release the clay at all.  water or other release agents help some, but other suppliers make texture plates of silacone and the clay just won't stick to them.  I've gotten to the point that I won't buy a another mold that isn't made out of something I know is non stick.
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From: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/7/08 7:09 PM 
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While I'm not sure what material it is made out of, I am glad that it's flexible. I prefer that to something that's rigid.

The only silicone molds I've bought are the ones Victoria James sells. Do you use rubber stamps and the plastic texture sheets? I think you need to use a release agent for nearly everything in order to get the clay out cleanly.


From: mlatham239/8/08 8:10 PM 
To: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 11) 
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I haven't tried the Victoria James textures but they are on my I want to have list.  The silicone that I have is a mold by Maureen Carlson.  Nothing sticks to it.  It takes a little practice to get a good flat backed cast without it sticking to the mold a little.  It actually slides around.  

I have some rubber texture sheets kind of like a stamp without the backing very flexiable.  They are nice but if you don't use a release you will spend some time cleaning your prized half a creation out of the crevices.  They are way more flexiable than the SbyS. 

I have all the makins clear texture sheets and a couple of the amaco clear plastics.  The reason that I have so many of them is simple, when used with water the release well enough, you can use both sides of the plate for an inverse reverse, and they are cheap.  For mica shift you can start over without wreaking your clay.  If it sticks I start over.  These will stick every time if you don't hit them with a spray of water.

I am not sure but I think that Donna Kato's textures are also silicone.  They are also on my I want to have list.

I use some stamps depending on the complexity I try to remember to spray them with water.  The clear acrylic stamps release pretty good even when I forget.

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From: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/9/08 8:23 AM 
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I've seen the clear acrylic stamps in the craft store and wondered if they were compatible with clay. Might have to try those out.

You should definitely get some of Victoria James' textures. They are wonderful. I think I have two of them and she has others I would love to have!


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