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From: kaydown621/18/09 3:20 PM 
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I got notification this week about the upcoming miniature auction I attend every year. Decided that I need to go with a very traditional South African feel for my submissions. Now comes the question -

how do I make miniature rice that LOOKS like rice?

I want to make a traditional yellow raisin rice dish, accompanied by the curried mince loaf aka Babotie!

I'm using very fine ballyntine for the raisins, sesame seed for the almonds, tiny punched leaves for the bay leaves, grating my meat mix for the loaf, BUT - the rice ain't working!

Along with that goes the green bean casserole - no clue HOW I'm going to make that! LOL - and pumpkin fritters. Need to cook the real thing and have a look to see what it looks like on the plate! The fritters are the easy part.

I'm also in two minds whether to only make ONE plate serving or to do 6 and present it as a meal, with partially empty dishes for the sideboard. What do you think?


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From: NiteFalcon Posted by host1/18/09 3:35 PM 
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Can you get yourself some Cernit White?

This clay was recommended in a class I took for doing doll teeth, it has that just slight translucence to it that you need but is still clearly white. I imagine you would get the same look with it for cooked rice, that little bit of sheen to it.

You can then tint the white with just an ever so tiny amount of yellow (I would also stick with the Cernit for the translucence factor).



From: kaydown621/18/09 11:55 PM 
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Hi! I usually use Cernit for the miniatures because of the translucency, so that's no problem. It's getting the actual "grains"! LOL

I'm afraid I'm a tad anal about mini food looking realistic!



From: NiteFalcon Posted by host1/19/09 12:05 AM 
To: kaydown62  (4 of 13) 
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The way I would try and do it is roll out thin and then pull the ropes apart, then touch up the ends instead of cutting them.

I think it's one of those things. You will probably figure out how to get one done and then never repeat it. That is what happens to me finally figure it out and then can't repeat it.



From: SJPOLYCLAY Posted by host1/19/09 11:10 AM 
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possibly a texture mold for the rice, then stick the other bits in?

From: kaydown621/19/09 12:07 PM 
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hmmm..... maybe.

I had wonderful intentions of sitting down and trying this today. Sigh! So much for carefully planned days.


From: kaydown622/4/09 11:15 AM 
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I finally sat down to make the rice. Wound up using a combination of ideas and it worked!!! Beautiful fluffy saffron rice with raisins. Looked so good I decided to make some plates of the served dinner as well.

I used the same basic technique to create the bean dish :) - happy person!

Made pumpkin fritters to go with it.

So all that's left to figure is the meat loaf and I THINK I've got that sussed - I want the texture when it's cut.

Thanks for all the tips.



From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/4/09 1:58 PM 
To: kaydown62  (8 of 13) 
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And you'll be showing us soon, right?

Oh I haven't looked in the huge Thing a Day thread yet - maybe you posted there.



From: kaydown622/4/09 2:10 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 13) 
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want pics? Go online! :)

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