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From: BorisTilov4/14/09 4:27 AM 
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Hello, everyone!
Haven't been around here for a long time, just now I realize how much I missed this forum. The news is Dinko and I have a new book due to be out 1st of May 2009
Here is a link to it:
and a link to the blog we set up to expand the book projects
Hope you'd like and make comments about both the blog and the book when it is out.


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From: Clay Mama (MKShouse)4/14/09 10:09 AM 
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It's on my "must have" list :)

From: BorisTilov4/14/09 10:31 AM 
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Thanks. Hope you like the blog too. I'd appreciate any opinions, comments or requests to show how we make things.
Thanks again

From: Clay Mama (MKShouse)4/14/09 1:59 PM 
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I used what I learned in your first book to make this delightful figure depicting my horrible neighbor :)

Mary Kaye

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From: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host4/14/09 7:31 PM 
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Hee-hee...  Hi Boris!!   My copies have been on order at Amazon for over a month already...  :)    An-ti-ci-pa-tion...   :)

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From: BorisTilov4/15/09 3:49 AM 
To: Clay Mama (MKShouse)  (6 of 20) 
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Got to say the sculpture is great. Can you please explain what the inscription means - as you know not a native speaker here.

From: BorisTilov4/15/09 3:55 AM 
To: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 20) 
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I know how that feels. We finished the manuscripts months before we saw the actual book on paper. And the pinnacle was that it arrived home (the actual paper book that is) while I was at work. The hours until I got home to see it seemed like weeks. :-)
Hope you like it when it gets to you

From: Clay Mama (MKShouse)4/15/09 9:42 AM 
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The Lawn Ranger is a play on words referring to The Lone Ranger, a masked cowboy crime fighting hero of the old west that was a black and white TV show when I was a child in the 60s. The Lone Ranger was like a self-appointed "Sheriff", righting wrongs everywhere he went.

Basically, my neighbor is mentally ill, doesn't work, is bored and has chosen my family to pick on. He does elaborate yard work daily and has a spectacularly beautiful lawn so he gets angry and acts out in bizarre ways if your lawn doesn't look like his lawn. So, my neighbor is The Lawn Ranger, lawn referring to the grass around his house. He is the hero to lawns everywhere, fighting to keep them weed-free even when the lawn belongs to lazy folk like me and my husband LOL. For instance, my neighbor waters his grass daily and cuts it 3 times a week. We let rain water our lawn and cut it once a week unless we're in a draught and the grass doesn't grow.

Hope that made sense.

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From: BorisTilov4/15/09 11:45 AM 
To: Clay Mama (MKShouse)  (9 of 20) 
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Absolutely. Thanks a lot.

From: KathyG (WYOMINGGAL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host4/15/09 12:04 PM 
To: Clay Mama (MKShouse)  (10 of 20) 
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That is a good one, Mary Kay.




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