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From: SJPOLYCLAY6/6/09 6:03 PM 
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now its available through! Read more about it here at my blog....
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From: vlady66/6/09 7:32 PM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (2 of 12) 
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hey sarajane. congradulations..what a feather in the cap for you ladies..its a wonderful book...sandie

From: Chris (rutterc) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/7/09 6:03 AM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (3 of 12) 
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Amazon... Congrats!!

Sarajane... is this the pc quilt book that I already bought, or is this a new one? If it's new, you know I'm gonna to have to add to my pc book collection.

If it's not new... you need to get busy and come out with another pc book! lol :D


From: SJPOLYCLAY6/7/09 9:56 AM 
To: vlady6  (4 of 12) 
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thank you! Distribution is the final link in this particular chain, and we now have a much wider one!

From: vlady66/7/09 10:00 AM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (5 of 12) 
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yeah i read that..think its so cool...about time people started doing things like that...good going...sandie

From: SJPOLYCLAY6/7/09 10:02 AM 
To: Chris (rutterc) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 12) 
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slave driver!! <g>
its not new, just new to Amazon, and yes, we are at work on more--I even went back to college to learn more about Digital Photography, Photoshop and (next semester)InDesign for laying them out and I bought a new computer so as to be able to compile them(the old one is not strong enough to do such big files. The mask books are underway, its just taking way longer than I'd hoped. If it were the ONLY thing I had to do it'd be much easier....but school and earning a bare minimum living take up so many hours---wah! Still, I AM persistant, and you'll just have to be patient!

From: SJPOLYCLAY6/7/09 10:03 AM 
To: vlady6  (7 of 12) 
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Its very is my new computer!!

From: vlady66/7/09 10:07 AM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (8 of 12) 
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oh way to go...gotta love new toys...enjoy..sandie

From: BakedAk6/7/09 11:12 AM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (9 of 12) 
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I've added it to my Wish List. I'd say, "Hurry up, Christmas!" but when you live in AK, you don't wish away summer. :-)



From: ManicMom (leslie1968) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/7/09 4:28 PM 
To: SJPOLYCLAY  (10 of 12) 
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Heading over to Amazon to leave 5 star review....

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