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From: BakedAk4/17/10 10:15 PM 
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Just got Color Inspirations! Yea! But now my brain hurts.


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From: Jodie (jt_gmotu)4/18/10 12:41 AM 
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I did a demo for my guild on color today! I had folks bring a red, yellow and blue of their favorite clay brand (all 3 the same brand). First we talked about color...(Kind of browsing chapter 2 & 3 of the book). After lunch, we started working on the color scales on pg 68....I had originally made one with Fuschia - Cad Yellow - Ultramarine Blue.

This time I started out on a new blend of  Fuschia - Zinc Yellow - Cobalt Blue. I made sure to do the "tints" (where you use the 1/4" cutter, take out the center, cut in 1/2, then mix equal amount of white) and the "Mud" blends (where you use the other 1/2 of the center and mix equal amount of Mud--equal parts of Fuschia - Zinc Yellow - Cobalt Blue )  Interesting colors! 

What I like about doing this part of the that ALL of the colors I blend out of my 3 "chosen" colors...go with all of the rest of the colors in the strand. (Great for cane-making!) Then, I only have to worry about using some of the lighter or darker versions of them in a cane...and all the colors "go together". The book covers color it pertains to how clay blends very well.

One of the other gals in my guild did a bunch of the pivot tiles (p.34-35) and she let us see how different colors were impacted by adding white/gray/black.

When Maggie & Lindly first taught this at Ravensdale head was spinning. 12 years later...I'm finally really using it to my advantage.

I recommend you skim the book first...then go back and start some of the exercises...there are folks that say you MUST do them all in order...maybe yes, maybe no.  If you find you can't follow something, then maybe go back and do an earlier step.

The book belongs in every Poly Clayers to be opened and used!!! Have fun!  If you get confused by any of the exercises, holler!



From: BakedAk4/18/10 12:59 PM 
To: Jodie (jt_gmotu)  (3 of 3) 
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Thanks, Jodie! I am reading it through first...sometimes easier to read than do, especially with kiddos around. Though they can make reading a challenge, too. I get the color theory, when I'm not interrupted 87,000 times for juice and potty runs and "Look at me, look at me!" moments. I know those samples will come in handy. Sooooo much better than your basic color wheel.

I'm excited to get started, but the weather here is FINALLY nice enough to be outside. We spent about 7 hours outside yesterday, playing, raking and gardening in the part of the yard that doesn't have any snow left. BLISS!

Thanks for the offer of color help - I may take you up on it! Congrats on teaching it! That's cool.


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