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From: MaryKay7110/19/10 7:17 PM 
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I've already thanked a few people for the coasters I got from them, but I have to say each them is special.  I've already thanks Jackie, BJ, & Barbara for the coasters I got from them, but I also have to say my other coasters are fantastic, too.

Alicia, I don't know how you got the Celtic Knot coasters to look so cool and be so light-weight at the same time.  I still can't figure out what color clay you used.  

Gayle, I love that you made your coasters with the pattern on both sides. The pattern is really cool and I like the way you put the bead around the outside.  Great job!

Connie, you made the cutest little coaster. My friends still can't figure out how you did the kali cane!  It makes me really happy!

Leigh, your coaster is so unique!  It is beautiful and I can see you took a lot of time to get all those flowers on there. And I still don't know you you got it so heavy. (I may have to chuck it at my husband if he doesn't turn over the TV remote more often) And I really like the edging.

Kathy, I love my jeans more than anything else I wear.  I remember wearing jeans to school when I was a little girl and causing a big stir. In fact, another little girl in the 5th grade and I were the first to do it and the school finally relented and allowed little girls to start wearing jeans!  I'm 59 and my jeans are still the most important thing in my wardrobe.  And my coaster just makes me grin all over!!! 

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you did and the great memories that will come from my coaster collection!  My only regret is that I couldn't have one from each of you.

MaryKay Ozarks  

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From: Gayle (GaylesBeads) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/19/10 11:40 PM 
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Thanks MaryKay!

I love all of the ones I got too!! I got one from Kathi, Leigh, Annette, Donna, Mary Kay W, and Barbara.

All of them were so creative and pretty!


From: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host10/20/10 9:56 AM 
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Thanks MaryKay. I had fun making them even though I was a hurting puppy.

I love all teh ones I got from everyone. Love them so much that they will all be placed on a backer board and hung in my studio for inspiration!

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