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From: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/8/11 2:25 AM 
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It looks like enough people have expressed interest in my new swap that we can move ahead with it. If anyone would like to participate in the swap, I will set the deadline for sign-up for February 8th. Here is how the swap will go.

How will it work?

  1. The participants will be divided into groups of 3 or 4 (depending on the amount of people who want to participate. You may join multiple groups but keep in mind that even if you are in one group, you will be working on 4 pieces throughout the space of roughly a month (see #4). If you join multiple groups, each group will also be working on 3-4 pieces, so please make sure you can fit that much claying into your schedule.
  2. Each member of each group will begin a piece using primarily polymer clay, but also any additional materials they would normally use to embellish or enhance their piece. Only the person creating the beginning of the piece can send raw clay (i.e. patterned sheet or SB or even a cane) to the next person in line. After that point, additions and embellishments should be baked or glued on, not left raw.
  3. They will take a picture of what they made, or of the piece after their additions--e-mailing it to me so I have all the pictures) and then send the piece on to the next person in their group.
  4. While person #2 is receiving the item from person #1, person #1 should be getting something from person #3 or #4 in the group so they can add their ideas to the piece. In other words, through the span of roughly one month there will be 3-4 items being mailed and worked on and mailed and worked on and so on.
  5. The person who started each piece will be the last person to get that piece back and will get to keep the finished piece.


  1. There will be no deadline for this swap except for the 1 week maximum time from when you get an item to when you should have it completed and mailed to the next person. As I said, if this goes as planned, the whole swap shouldn't take longer than 4-5 weeks.


  1. If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at bdbear10@yahoo.com. Please include your full name and snail mail address because I will need to make a list of everyone's addresses to hand out to the different groups.
  2. Please understand, because of the swap history we've had in the last couple years, with people dropping out, stealing items they received, etc., I am going to try to make sure any participants can be vouched for by others if I don't know them myself. If I don't know you from FB or PCC, please include the name of another clay artist who does know you in your e-mail to me so I  can contact them.
  3. Please keep in mind that this is a process-oriented swap, not a results swap. The fun (and learning too) is in seeing how a piece can evolve because everyone has their own ideas and skills for creating with polymer clay.
  4. This swap is NOT recommended for someone who doesn't have enough time to clay regularly, or cannot spare the postage costs right now.
  5. Lastly, if you have any questions or need anything clarified, let me know.

Thanks for your interest in my swap! I hope to get a lot of sign ups. This should be fun and definitely interesting!

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From: SparkleBe31/8/11 11:08 PM 
To: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 3) 
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I'm not going to do it, but I look forward to seeing the results. very interesting idea.

From: Barbara P-W (bdpw10) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/11/11 7:36 PM 
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Anymore people interested in participating in this swap? I have 3 people so far, plus myself, which would make one group. But I'd love to have more people play. . .

XO Candles & Clay
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