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From: Rhetrx6/30/11 5:38 PM 
To: BecksNYC  (9 of 15) 
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You raise interesting question: who's "missing" from the book? I think we could have some cool discussions here about:

1) Who ought to be in a "Masters" book someday?
2) What criteria do we use to decide this sort of thing? [Even if we don't agree on what's "drool-worthy", I think finding out what other people find amazing to be a great way to learn new stuff]
3) What do we wish was out there? What would delight us that we haven't seen done yet?


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From: BecksNYC7/14/11 12:42 PM 
To: Rhetrx unread  (10 of 15) 
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I'd like to see this conversation get going. Should you repost your interesting questions in a fresh post?

The lack of replies makes me wonder who frequents PCC? In the past, there were many serious & successful artists here, in addition to learners. (I cut my polymer teeth on this site years ago). Have they moved on to other arenas (facebook, etc) for discussion? Or are they still posting or lurking?

Just curious...



From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon7/18/11 3:53 PM 
To: BecksNYC  (11 of 15) 
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Facebook is my thought about this. Which is sad, because we had a great community here, and Facebook is not a "community" in the same way that PCC is.

So the rest of us really do need to uphold PCC as well as we can and not let FB suck us in so that we're there more than here. That's my opinion, so I stick around. :)


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From: Hazer127/19/11 11:53 AM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (12 of 15) 
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I agree about the lack of community - I much prefer the days of forums and message boards to individual blogs and Facebook. I like having everyone and everything in one big shared place :)

From: pcliz7/19/11 10:51 PM 
To: BecksNYC  (13 of 15) 
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I'm old enough to be resistant to Facebook, tweeting, and texting.  I like a social environment, and this forum has been a great place for me to ask questions and share information.  I don't have a local guild to clay with, and this place is as close as I can get to being with people who like to do what I do, so I try to check in here at least 4 or 5 times a week. 

I've been thinking about why it is that some people stick around and others tend to fade away; perhaps some who no longer visit here have found a hometown guild where they can share, some have moved up in expertise to the point where they have the company of artists who have also become "masters", and maybe some have gotten to the level where making their art is all time consuming.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad to have a place where I can ask a question when I have one, and generally feel connected to others who clay.





From: BecksNYC7/21/11 11:59 AM 
To: pcliz  (14 of 15) 
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I agree. Thanks for the insights.
I don't Facebook or tweet by choice, and I'm a self-proclaimed geek. While I don't mind a community devoted to a particular interest, I don't want my life "out there" for all my "friends" and who-knows-who to share. It could sure come back and bite you. (NYtimes had an article about prospective employers hiring companies to search your internet history just yesterday). The only place I used my real name on the internet is for genealogy research (kinda hard to get around it there).
When friends started to text me what they were eating...well, let's just say that's a little narcissistic for my taste.

Now if I had a business, I think social networking would be a great tool to connect to customers with.

I'm all for progress but sad that new technology has splintered the PC community. On the other hand, the PC community is HUGE now, so maybe specialization of interests, etc is only natural.



From: lifeartdesigns (lifeartdesig)7/26/11 7:34 AM 
To: BecksNYC  (15 of 15) 
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I agree with both of you and for the same reasons.  I don't have FB or Twitter, and only text when I have to.  Sometimes, I don't see how others have the time for all of it.  But, I also realise that now, many younger people do everything on their phones, and while they are on the go and doing everything else.  I don't like having my personal life 'out there" either.  I'm just a private person.  However, I'm starting to think that if I don't join FB, I moght not be seeing many more photos of my grandkids and other family members, lol. 

 That's a good point about the growth of the PC community and specialization of interests.  I miss many of the great PC artists from the old days.  I loved it when they posted here.  You could bet any time there was a problem or question about Kato clay, Donna would show up pronto.  If she didn't have an answer, she would get one and come back.  Same with Lisa P.  I think maybe they all got very successful in their business' and just don't have the time to come back here (the ones that may care)...Many of them have moved on and way up.  But, in a way, I guess that's good.  If not, we wouldn't have Kathleen Dustin's work and that of other PC artists on display in a museum.


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