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From: lpowmacback7/5/11 3:27 PM 
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Hey all - I will be doing my first Craft Show at the end of the summer and would like some advice on displaying my necklaces: Do you think they should be put on little cards and mounted on a rack (thinking of using painted upside down slatted shutters... folding a flap on the card to hang on the slats)) OR do you think it might be better to have the them un-carded, hanging long & freely. I personally think it looks less busy & chaotic on cards - especially with many different styles & lengths.

Thanks for any advice!

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From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon7/5/11 3:36 PM 
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Well you definitely don't want a chaotic look at all, so if that's what you are displaying, then I say go for the cards.

There are so many good ideas for displays at craft shows, and do you know what? I can't think of where to find any of them at the moment, my brain must be dead.

But I'd suggest Googling "craft fair displays - jewelry" or something like that and see if you find some good ideas that will work for you.

Hey, have a great show! I hope you sell out!


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From: surfingcat87/5/11 4:59 PM 
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I like people to be able to handle my jewellery and try it on (generally I find if they pick it up it sells itself).I tried putting necklaces on cards but personally didn't find it worked for my varied styles of jewellery so now I add a tag (here's a picture

I usually have some of them pinned onto display boards and some on busts (made myself using a pattern from - I tie the string with a bow and then store them flat. I made them using fairly thick card and they have lasted over a year so far. There is lots of other great advice about selling jewellery on the same website too).

Using a rack and cards would probably give you more efficient use of space if you have a lot to display. Like your shutter idea.

Good luck working out what's best for you, it's amazing the different solutions people find.



From: lpowmacback7/5/11 5:00 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 8) 
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Thank you Jackie! I have scoured the internet and have found some great ideas for displaying jewelry @ craft fairs -that's where I found the upside down shutters idea. I am leaning towards the cards - I like the uncluttered look myself. I am very excited about doing this show - I only started with polymer in February or March and had fallen in love with it! I had been making lots of pieces - but never really finishing many because I don't wear that much jewelry myself. The craft show was suggested by my cousin- and I thought - what a great idea- if nothing else, I will have a purpose to complete pieces. It's been lots of fun so far - not sure about "selling out" - I hope to sell at least one or two items!!

From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/7/11 2:21 PM 
To: lpowmacback  (5 of 8) 
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I like your upside down shutter idea and having your earrings on cards. I had a friend make me a couple earring displays but I have them all on cards for the same reason you many different lengths and styles. All the best with your show! I bet you'll sell lots!

From: lpowmacback7/7/11 5:42 PM 
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Thanks everyone! Planning one's first craft fair is so much fun - so many things to think about and plan - and DO! I'm glad I didn't decide to do a show or fair too soon - this one isn't until early September - so I have time to do what needs to be done.



From: Melody017/8/11 4:58 PM 
To: lpowmacback  (7 of 8) 
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Hi lpowmacback, Just in case you might find it helpful I just posted a list I have in my data base of hints on doing a craft show in a separate post in the "Tips" folder.

Anita in AZ


From: lpowmacback7/8/11 5:09 PM 
To: Melody01  (8 of 8) 
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Thank you so much Anita- I'll check it out! :-)

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