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From: chibimaddy11/9/11 1:38 PM 
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As per a suggestion by Anita, I'm experimenting with the mix of 50% sculpey ultralight and 50% premo, today. I've got a new little chibi in the oven curing as I type this.

The material felt the same as plain ultralight as far as weight and softness was concerned. The texture while sculpting was sticky instead of powdery, and the blending was super easy and smooth and no additional mediums were needed to remove seams.

The next test will be when it comes out, I'll state the texture and ability to work with other mediums for coloring.

Thanks to Anita for the suggestion. :o)
xoxo Maddy
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From: chibimaddy11/10/11 3:05 PM 
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I'm replying to myself! that's desperation for someone to share info with. he hehe

Anyhow, in case anyone reads this, I've finished my experiment with the combo, and I liked it very much. The final results give a neat kind of antique look. I'm not sure how to describe it. The clay is still kind of spongy after being baked (like ultralight is) but yet it's harder at the same time.

this isn't really a very good review is Well I like the mix and will try it again. I used the Premo Bleach translucent btw.

Here's a pic of the final results.

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xoxo Maddy

From: Melody0111/10/11 6:24 PM 
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Hi Maddie, He's wonderful and SO cute! So glad that the combo worked for you.

Anita in AZ


From: Marlea_A11/11/11 10:01 AM 
To: chibimaddy  (4 of 5) 
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Maddy, it looks wonderful! I usually use almost pure premo but I'd like to see how the ultralight will 'feel'. Time to actually use those packs of ultralight I bought that are sitting on my shelf!

Great job and thanks for sharing with all of us!



From: chibimaddy11/11/11 11:51 AM 
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Thank you Marlea! :o) The ultralight is kind of like sculpting with a marshmallow. With the two mixed it was kind of like using sculpey III because it was so super soft, but the durability exceeds sculpey 10 fold.

xoxoox Maddy

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