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From: jes11262/14/12 7:28 PM 
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Hello everyone! I've been busy making presents and learning! I began transferring pictures and have had a difficult time of it. I am not able to tell how hard I am pressing when getting the paper off after curing the clay. I was getting frustrated so I started going all over the 'net to find an easier way to do it. And I did!

Tshirt transfers work great! I have some from making tshirt designs. I printed the photo on the transfer, cut it out, then covered the picture with liquid Sculpey. I cured it at 275 degrees for 7 minutes and took it out of the oven. Once it was cool enough for me to touch the paper, I pulled it away from the baked clay. I then put it back into the oven until it was clear, about 5 more minutes, I think. It is so perfect! Tonight I will transfer the last one.

I am having so much fun as I am making progress: I'm planning on putting the clay with transfers onto mirrors and then make frames using Matt's canes. 
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From: skywardbound2/15/12 10:57 AM 
To: jes1126  (2 of 12) 
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So glad you discovered this method.  Works for me every time.  Please post pics when you finish your projects!!

Pam from Michigan

From: AuntGriz2/15/12 4:51 PM 
To: jes1126  (3 of 12) 
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Cool idea, thanks for sharing. I to would like to see them when they are done.


From: mfvideos2/17/12 3:10 AM 
To: jes1126  (4 of 12) 
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HI! Congratulations! Did you print with your home inkjet printer, or at a copy store?

What brand of photo paper did use? I understand that not all brand release the pic.




From: vedwards1432/17/12 3:20 AM 
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Has anyone done a transfer using deli or parchment paper like Lisa Pavelka in her current book?       Vicky

From: jes11262/20/12 3:21 AM 
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I printed with my inkjet printer onto Kodak glossy photo paper. (HP photo paper melts, btw.)
rubbing the paper off is difficult and tim consuming. Not to mention that I am not able to tell how hard I am pressing due to Lumbar stenosis and 
Multiple Sclerosis. The result was part of the transfer was robbed off.


From: jes11262/20/12 3:25 AM 
To: vedwards143  (7 of 12) 
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I read about it and wondered how it works. I saw a transfer being done using the back paper from address labels on YouTube. And I heard about using transparencies. One day I'll try these methods. But not today. 

From: jes11262/20/12 3:32 AM 
To: jes1126  (8 of 12) 
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I have found an easier way to do the tshirt transfer. I put some Liquid Sculpey on the image and brushed it all over the image. Then I put both onto the glass piece I use for baking it and rubbed from the center out to get any bubbles out and to achieve a smooth  baked TLS. As I worked on it, I was able to lift the glass up so I could see how it was smoothing out and to see if there were any bubbles. Those I smoothed off the image.The result was very thin and can be switched if necessary or for a change. I could even be applied to the window as a window cling!

From: clayjay2/22/12 3:56 PM 
To: jes1126  (9 of 12) 
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What brand of T-shirt transfer paper?

Thanks, Jay


From: jes11262/23/12 9:56 PM 
To: clayjay  (10 of 12) 
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I use Avery inkjet light Fabric Transfer Transfer. I do the work on a piece of glass from a photo frame. I don't like picking the glass up to look for bubbles, but that way, I can move the bubbles away from the picture being transferred. I will figure out a way to do this safely!

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