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From: SherryBinNH2/16/12 11:16 AM 
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My Library is planning a "Fairy House Festival" in late Spring, which we hope to make an annual event. Tracy Kane, a regional author (Maine), has presented the program here before with great success, reading one of her picture books to kids, then helping the kids and their parents build "fairy houses" from natural materials in the park adjacent to the Library.

This year we want to create related ancillary programming around the event.

One idea I had, as a Polymer Clay Person, is to create a fairy sculpture (in fairy house scale, of course) as a raffle item or prize.

Thing is, I never made one before. (Have done an elderly woman doll in a class...)

I have Kathy Dewey's books, and can probably make something not amazingly beautiful like some work out there, but I thought I'd ask for suggestions and tips anyhow! If you have small kids, what features would you think THEY would appreciate? (Sturdy vs. delicate, child fairy vs. adult fairy, etc.)

In case I fail miserably, anyone out there have fairies for sale that maybe I could afford? (NOT in the hundreds of dollars like some beauties I would covet...)

Thanks, all!

Sherry Bailey
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From: JENNY P (JENNYPAT)2/16/12 2:39 PM 
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Sherry, I don't have any fairies for sale, but I do have one (maybe 2) I would borrow to you. The one I am thinking of, I made back in 1997, and I have attached.

Jenny P


From: JENNY P (JENNYPAT)2/16/12 2:40 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (3 of 8) 
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Oh, I should mention that since she is a "cobweb Fairy" she hangs.



From: SherryBinNH2/16/12 2:54 PM 
To: JENNY P (JENNYPAT)  (4 of 8) 
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Sherry, I don't have any fairies for sale, but I do have one (maybe 2) I would borrow to you. The one I am thinking of, I made back in 1997, and I have attached.

Jenny P

Very cute, but I would need a fairy I could give away, so borrowed won't work. Thanks though! Nice of you to offer!

Sherry Bailey

From: MagicByLeah2/16/12 10:30 PM 
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Were you looking to make fairies with the group? 

I am a HUGE fan of Katherine Dewey's books, however I will be the first to say that they are not for children (unless they are talented sculptors) 
If this is a beginner group looking to have fun, I have 2 AMAZING books to suggest, both by Maureen Carlson, another favorite clay author. 
I am linking the amazon books below but I'm sure you can find them anywhere from library or online used books... 

Clay Characters for Kids

Fairies Gnomes and Trolls

I do hope this helps 
and on a side note I do take custom fairy orders but perhaps the kids will enjoy making their own 


My Website:
Twitter: @MagicByLeah
My 'Alter Ego' Leah4sci

From: MagicByLeah2/16/12 10:32 PM 
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I just reread your post, I thought you were trying to have the group create their own fairies, haha
How much were you looking to spend on the raffle prize?
I will be happy to sculpt something for you within your budget based on your size/color/descriptions
You an see some of my recent work on my blog linked below, however I can simplify the sculpture based on your needs/budget


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My NEW BLOG: MagicByLeah on Blogspot
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My 'Alter Ego' Leah4sci

From: SherryBinNH2/17/12 10:19 AM 
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I'll give it a try before I order something, but thanks for offering! (I like to sculpt, but I want something nice for this project, if I do it at all, so we'll see if I can come up with something acceptable or not!)

As for budget, I'd  need to talk to the boss about this. I might have to subsidize it myself, since it's my idea and we are stretching every penny to the max already. If I need to go that route, I will be in touch.

Thanks for the book suggestions!

Sherry Bailey

From: BakedAk2/18/12 1:43 PM 
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I second Leah's recommendation of those Maureen Carlson books for making a fairy that would interest a child.  My kids, ages 5 (boy) and 7 (girl), love cute little things like the ones in Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls.  I don't have the other title, but Carlson-style creations are much simpler to make than Dewey-style (which I love). They are very endearing, and not difficult to make.

That's my two cents!


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