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From: skywardbound3/31/12 2:46 PM 
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I realized this morning that I had never received my clay I ordered from you. I checked Paypal to see if I had paid for it and I had.  I clicked on the tracking link and it says it made it to Albion, Michigan early morning last Wednesday and was delivered a few hours later.  In my figuring things out I came to the conclusion that my son had gotten the mail that day and put the package in a weird in the trunk of his car or something.  I couldn't call and ask him because he was at work.  So .....I tore the place up trying to think like him.  What weird place did he put my package last week and forget to tell me about it?  I finally gave up and concentrated on the laundry I desperately needed to do.  While gathering that my husband's cellphone rang.  It was the neighbor across the street.  He said he had a package of ours.  He's a paraplegic and wouldn't be bringing the package to us.  My husband said he would stop by and pick it up.  We heard a vehicle in our driveway and it was him in his custom van.  Hubby went and retrieved the package and it was from you!  I got it today!  Isn't that weird? had the wrong street number..but it was close.  So I don't know where it's been since last Wednesday....unless he has been away and just got his mail today.  But I thought it strange that it shows up the same day I get the notion that it should have been here long ago and I just realized it.  All's well that ends well!!

I love my green pearl Premo.  If you know of another source of green pearl Premo please post it.  A lady here in town loves that color too.  She would like to get her hands on some.



Pam in Michigan

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From: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/31/12 6:03 PM 
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wow....heck of a round about way it went. I am sorry it took so many wrong turns, but am way happy that it finally made it. If I find any more green pearl I will let you know!
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From: skywardbound3/31/12 6:18 PM 
To: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 3) 
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It still boggles my mind that it all fell together the same day I wondered about it. I'm glad I didn't give my son the third degree over it. Really glad.


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