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From: TheThymelord4/22/12 4:26 AM 
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wow. its hard to get time to do anything here, letalone clay. heres the lowdown. some of you may know, i tried to start a steampunk pendant swap. around that time my moms husband passed. well i was getting all of that delt with, and my husband injured his knee at work. so far he has had 3 open heart , vaulve replacements begining at age 24. he is 45 now. two knee surgeries also. but this one floored him. so they went in blind, no mri because of a pacemaker... cut out inflamed tissue and now lots of physical therapy. during this time i was trying to get projects done for a local craft festival. no such luck. no extra money for the fees and too close of a dead line. could not do it any way. taking care of him, my mind not on me, i broke my pinky toe. not too bad at the time, but it is not healing. want to see a doctor, but it has been two weeks and dont know what they can do that i have not done here. its not raining, its hurrican season. but i yhave high hopes that it all turns around. so hows that for a vent?

happy claying everyone. send prayers and good vibes my way, sure could use some. mary and dan.



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From: gilladian4/22/12 7:11 AM 
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Wow, yes, you've had a rough time lately...

So sorry to hear about your husband's problems. My hubby recently had the meniscus removed from one knee (it was all dried out and yellow and useless) and a cyst drained. But he's otherwise quite healthy, so it was a fairly easy recovery.

Please do take the time to let yourself heal, too. We'll be thinking of you and sending virtual kittypurrs and hugs your way.

Gillian (Plus hubby, Roland, Ivan, Sweetie and Simon ^--^)


From: MaryKay714/22/12 8:02 AM 
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I'm sorry for you that things have been so rough. Prayers coming your way.

MK Ozarks


From: Melody014/22/12 9:34 AM 
To: TheThymelord unread  (4 of 5) 
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(((Mary and Dan))), Oh my, you two have certainly been through a rough patch. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

As far as your pinkie toe, it can take a notoriously LONG time to heal. I broke mine in early December. Doc said there was nothing they could really do and it's just now starting to scream at me a lot less. A chiropractor who also works on extremities did help with the accompanying partial dislocation. Hope you both are feeling better soon!

Anita in AZ


From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon4/24/12 12:01 AM 
To: TheThymelord unread  (5 of 5) 
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Life has sure kicked your butt.  Poor baby  :(  All good thoughts headed your way.  Hang in there!

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