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From: merrie603/18/13 7:06 PM 
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Here is the link to my almost finished site.  Just have to get my items listed. I think

What do you think of the banner?

I was wondering do I put a link to paypal? also how do I add the facebook buttons and pinterest buttons.  Thanks for your help

Here is my link. what do you think so far? Do you think the banner is okay? I have to upload my avatar.



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From: SherryBinNH3/18/13 7:28 PM 
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I don't know anything about setup, but I like your banner -- nice and clean and crisp, yet still gives clues to your items.


Sherry Bailey


From: merrie603/18/13 8:09 PM 
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Thank you sherry

From: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/18/13 8:23 PM 
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the banner is very nice. clean yet shows your art


Creative Arts of the Soul

My Flickr Site

From: Melody013/18/13 8:32 PM 
To: merrie60  (5 of 20) 
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Merrie, I seem to remember that when you set up the kind of payments you take Etsy automatically puts it up for you, though not 100% certain. If it had been hard I would have remembered!

Anita in AZ


From: merrie603/19/13 8:01 AM 
To: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 20) 
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Thank you Tejae did my banner. She is great!

From: Elaine (tooaquarius)3/19/13 9:06 PM 
To: merrie60  (7 of 20) 
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The banner is great!

You'll need an avatar - I use a picture of my beads.

The link to paypal will appear if you've filled that in as a method of payment that you accept in the your shop -> shop settings -> shipping and payment section

The pinterest link and other links will show up automatically. If you want to link to YOUR facebook and twitter (the ones that etsy lets you add for now) you can add those in your shop -> info and appearance

If you have a few extra pictures, fill in your about section - it lets you add a few more links and you could add your your pinterest there.

In your policies you no longer need to write that immediate payment is wanted - Etsy doesn't let people buy an item without paying anymore unless you accept cheques. Make sure your prices let you ship for free domestically - I didn't watch my costs the first year I operated alone and shipping costs and packaging almost ate my profits.

I'd look into international shipping sooner rather than later - I realize I'm biased because the huge majority of my items have to go international (mostly to the US but a big chunk around the world) but it really is a big part of Etsy. And I buy most of my items on Etsy from outside of my own country so you're losing out on the folks like me who have money to spend.

Let us know when you launch!


From: merrie603/20/13 9:47 AM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (8 of 20) 
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Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will make some changes.  I was afraid to do international shipping in case the items get lost then I have to refund the money and I am out the item and the money. 

Happy claying in 2013


From: Elaine (tooaquarius)3/20/13 12:29 PM 
To: merrie60  (9 of 20) 
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You will be out the item and the money if items get lost in the US as well - so that doesn't change - since Etsy and Paypal will enforce your refund or replacement. If it genuinely worries you, make insurance automatic and roll it into your costs. Insurance is NOT to protect the buyer it is to protect the seller. I didn't understand that at first.

In a little over 1200 orders shipped I have had to do a full refund or replace on less than 10 of which 2 I'm pretty sure were scams of a sort(unavoidable). Since insurance is expensive to add here (you think USPS is crazy? Canada Post is frightening), I set aside a small amount each order for "self-insurance".

Get a orders under your belt and then give it a look!


From: merrie603/20/13 12:58 PM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (10 of 20) 
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Thank you

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